Advice for partying at night in Cape Town

With all its natural splendour, there certainly is no shortage of things to do in and around Cape Town while the sun is shining. However, Cape Town also offers a bustling and vibrant nightlife. There are many nightclubs, bars, restaurants and hangouts to enjoy in the Mother City. However, as with any other foreign city, visitors enjoying Cape Town’s nightlife should take some sound advice from locals.

Top tips for enjoying Cape Town’s nightlife

1.     Decide your vibe

If you’d like to kick your night off with drinks and a sunset view, then Camps Bay is your best bet. If you are not too set on that sunset, Bree Street in central Cape Town also has a multitude of bars and pubs. These two areas are probably the most vibrant for great early night-time entertainment, with no shortage of restaurants either. As you would in any foreign city, just practice common sense and caution when walking on the streets late at night.

If you are after a more relaxed experience, with a nice meal thrown into the deal, why not visit the V&A Waterfront? There is a plethora of top-notch restaurants offering a wide variety of cuisines in this historic harbour setting.

2.     For an even better time – just add friends

Exploring Cape Town’s bars and restaurants with friends and family ensures the best possible experience. When moving from venue to venue, always try to do so in pairs or groups. Cape Town has been known to have a few pickpockets operating in the city centre, in particular. Visitors to the Mother City will definitely be better off travelling in company. When hailing a taxi or ordering an Uber, share the ride with someone you know so that they can follow your journey and know when to expect your arrival.

3.     If you’ve got it – don’t flaunt it

Everyone likes to look their best, especially when out at night in Cape Town – the playground of some of the most stylish and wealthy people in the world. However, you’d be better off leaving your precious jewellery and expensive watches safely secured at your place of residence before heading out on the town after dark. Pickpockets and muggers are well-trained to look out for designer outfits, expensive jewellery and other signs of wealth. Don’t pull out a bunch of cash from your wallet when walking on the streets – this show of wealth is very enticing to some of the people on the street.

4.     Cape Town is safe, but vigilance is important

Generally speaking, Cape Town is a safe city for tourists. But, as with all cities around the world, there are spots that are best avoided – such as dark side streets and unlit alleyways. Be vigilant and avoid taking shortcuts. Order an Uber or call a taxi rather than walking at night. Also, keep an eye on your phone and wallet at all times and don’t leave them lying around unattended. Enjoy yourself, but try to avoid overindulging to the point where you can no longer keep yourself or your possessions safe.

5.     Stay out of the ocean after sunset

Cape Town’s amazing beaches should be enjoyed to the fullest while the sun is out. They are to be avoided at all costs at night. Swimming after sunset – anywhere in the world – is never a good idea. Most of Cape Town’s beaches have lifeguards on duty, but only until sunset. Swimming at night, particularly under the influence, increases the risk of drowning. Rather be safe than sorry.

6.     When in Cape Town… be considerate

Holiday is the time to kick back, let your hair down and have fun. But, being mindful of others and showing a bit of kindness and consideration will help you to enjoy your night-time adventures to the fullest. Try to keep noise levels down at restaurants and avoid arguing with strangers. Cape Town is all about good vibes – to everyone, all of the time. Never pull your wallet out on the street to give someone money – flashing wealth is never a good idea and you could soon be mugged for your hard-earned cash. When asked for money, just be polite and feel free to decline in a friendly tone.


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