Benefits of geo-targeting your content

Marketing campaigns work better if they are targeted at a specific group of consumers. The more you understand your consumers, the better chance you have at selling them a product or service. One of the most important marketing tactics you can use is to geo-target your content.

Studies have shown that three-quarters of consumers get annoyed by adverts on websites that have nothing to do with their interests. Most successful sales conversions are the result of personalisation and targeting the right audience.

Part of this targeting strategy is to direct your marketing at consumers in specific locations. You can customise almost any marketing campaign to your site visitor’s location – from pop-up windows to personalised messages. The key is to simply know your audience and where they reside.

Geo-targeting your content

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Geo-targeting is simply another way to personalise your marketing campaign. For example, you could personalise your offerings to visitors from Cape Town, Johannesburg or Durban with unique discount codes and invitations to private events. This would be more effective than having a generic ad on your site.

One of the best ways to utilise geo-targeting is with pop-ups and sticky bars (the ones that stay in the same position on the screen when you scroll down the website). Here, you can promote different adverts to different visitors depending on their location (e.g. selling surfboards to people in Durban but hiking shoes to people in Cape Town).

By acknowledging your visitors’ locations, you can market different offerings to the most relevant audience. This is a far smarter strategy than trying to market one offering to a massive (less interested) audience.

Many websites use the classic “sign up for our newsletter and receive a 20% discount on your first purchase” tactic. This is common because it works well. You can take it a step further by acknowledging your visitor’s location and encouraging them to visit your store in their town.

Not only will this help increase your foot traffic in various regions, but it will also allow you to compile location-specific mailing lists that can be used for future sales promotions and marketing campaigns.

Geo-targeting becomes even more relevant with events, such as concerts, marathons, charity fundraisers and community days. You can target locals and provide them with the specific details of when and where a country-wide event will be taking place in their city.

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Take your personalisation to the next level

Geo-targeting is one method of personalising your adverts, but you can go one step further. It’s possible to swop text on a pop-up or sticky bar with Dynamic Text Replacement (DTR). DTR takes the text on your landing pages and copies it to your PPC ads or pop-up bars.

This makes your landing pages and ads more relevant to the individual user. You can match your advert copy to your user’s search terms so that your pop-ups feature exactly what they searched for.

Now, you need to make the most of your website visits with more personalised experiences and adverts. Use the information available to create unique offers for visitors in different parts of the country and the world. These small details are what matter to your audience and can lead to more sales.


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