Building concrete furniture for your home

Concrete is an ideal building material with countless applications, from walls and floors to dams and furniture. It can be moulded into any shape and, once set and cured, it is incredibly strong and durable. Concrete is fast becoming a popular material to create household furniture, such as benches, tables, chairs and bookcases.

More and more furniture designers are opting for concrete over wood and other traditional materials. Concrete allows them to create strong, resilient furniture pieces in any shape imaginable. These pieces can be used inside or outdoors and will last for decades. Here are a few other reasons why concrete is a great material for furniture.

Concrete has the right qualities for furniture

This cement-based building material is actually very versatile. Most people think of concrete as hard and grey, but it can be coloured and shaped into smooth, curvy objects. Concrete furniture can look very elegant and be dyed with an array of colours. This is why designers are turning to the material for their furniture pieces.

It is also a cost-effective building material that offers incredible value for money – unlike wood, glass and material, concrete will not rot, shatter, fade or tear. Furniture created from concrete will last for decades and can withstand the wear and tear from daily use. It can give household furniture a natural look with additional functionality.

Myths about concrete furniture

There are a number of untrue myths about concrete furniture that may stop homeowners from using the material. The first myth is that concrete furniture is a recent innovation. While it may be gaining popularity rapidly, concrete was first used to create casted chairs back in 1911. 

Thomas Edison, the inventor of the light bulb, came up with the idea to use cement-based concrete to create household furniture. He created cabinets and tables using air-entrained concrete that made his furniture lightweight, durable and very affordable. Although his innovations did not catch on at the time, he proved to be right about the endless possibilities for using concrete.

The second myth is that concrete furniture is heavy and dull. It is true that a piece of furniture cast in concrete is heavier than wood or other materials, but new innovations with cement and concrete have led to the development of lightweight mixes. Heavy furniture is more durable, especially for outdoor chairs and tables, but lightweight concrete mixes can also be used for elegant indoor pieces.

The final myth is that concrete is uncomfortable – especially stools and chairs. In reality, it is just the same as wood and metal. Cushions and pillows can be used to add to the comfort of a concrete stool, bench or chair. However, concrete can also be moulded into a nicely-formed shape that supports the body and spine when you sit.

This versatile building material is not only suitable for buildings, dams, pavements and structures. It can also be used to create strong furniture that looks good and lasts for many years. Concrete tables, bookcases, cabinets and chairs can be the perfect addition to any home due to its durability and affordability.


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