Client case study: Plastics SA

By: Zani Botes and Joshua Oates

Mobimeme has worked extensively with Plastics SA, in collaboration with Aim Marketing & Communications Consultants, over a six month period. This representative body of the South African plastics industry opted for Mobimeme’s Tier 2 content marketing package. This entailed 12 unique articles written for their website every month (72 articles for the duration of the campaign), as well as all accompanying designs and images. 

All articles were optimised for search engines and contained hyperlinks to other pages on the site. These articles were then shared on Plastics SA’s Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter channels.

The content was then boosted to a wider, targeted audience on Google and its social media platforms. In just six months of content marketing and social media campaigns, here are some highlights of how the online audience for Plastics SA has grown.

  • Website visitors – Before our partnership began, Plastics SA had 16 039 website visitors over a six month period. During our campaign, the website was visited by 30 666 users – that is a 91.2% increase in traffic to their site in just half a year. The number of users interacting regularly on the website increased by 93% during this timeframe too.
  • Page views – Page views increased by 57.37% since the start of the short SEO content marketing campaign. In six months, the Plastics SA website had 76 981 page visits, compared to 48 916 page visits in the six month period before our partnership began.
  • Facebook audience – The Plastics SA Facebook audience grew from 6521 to 13 310 dedicated and opted-in followers at the end of the six-month campaign – that’s a 96% growth in Facebook followers. During this time, the posted articles received over 18 870 reactions. 21 900 users have actively engaged with Plastics SA content on the Facebook platform. During the partnership, 10 392 people saw or interacted with Plastics SA content through boosted Facebook advertisements.
  • Instagram audience – During the six-month campaign, 55 posts were created and boosted to the Instagram community. Plastics SA grew its Instagram audience from 172 to 480 followers during this time – a 179% increase.

LinkedIn audience – Mobimeme grew the Plastics SA LinkedIn audience from 355 to 2318 followers during the six-month partnership. This is a 552% increase in just half a year.

Working alongside a national representative body and an established communications company has allowed Mobimeme to really highlight the effectiveness of content marketing, search engine optimisation (SEO) and social media management. These statistics and audience numbers prove that a well-planned campaign can result in massive growth for a business and its website. This expands the potential customer base for your company and increases your brand awareness with your target audience.

If you’d like us to help you grow your website audience and manage your social media channels, get in touch with us today to find out more information – including our price list and how we can set up a partnership with your business to help you succeed in the online space.


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