Bring content marketing principles to other areas of your business

The basic tenets of content marketing can be very useful in other areas of business as well. Many marketers and business owners have seen the benefits of adopting content marketing strategies in alternative departments.

Content is a key driver of success for websites and online businesses – it raises brand awareness, creates audiences, gathers leads, drives sales and improves search engine rankings. Content is a great way to get maximum return on investment.

Content marketing in other areas of business

Take, for example, using a content marketing strategy in a human resources department. The same way content can be used to attract an audience and leads, it can be used to entice and retain talented employees that will take a business further.

A proper funnel content marketing strategy can be used to target an audience of prospective employees. This will engage the target audience and get the right candidates to apply for the job.

Content strategies can also be used to foster certain cultures of inclusion and diversity in companies. Bloomberg has a blog that publishes many articles on diversity and inclusion that shows their commitment to creating an inclusive workplace for all.

Content marketing can be used in the sales department as well. When combined with social media and PR campaigns, it can increase leads and attract higher-quality prospects that are more likely to commit to a sale.

Implementing content marketing in other business functions

Content marketing can provide business-orientated solutions to a range of other company areas. Here’s how to implement it in other departments and business functions, with three simple steps:

  • Determine where it will work – Some departments and business goals are better suited to content marketing strategies than others. Wherever you may need to target certain groups of people or raise awareness of an issue, content marketing can be highly beneficial.
  • Consider internal ambassadors – Look at which teams are already using content marketing and make them ambassadors of the cause. They are more likely to see the benefits of implementing content marketing strategies and can help other departments do the same.
  • Develop proper strategies – Content marketing strategies need to well-planned and implemented properly. Align teams and inform them why a content marketing strategy is being used, what it involves and how it will be carried out.

Content marketing doesn’t have to stay within the editorial team – it’s strategies and proven results can also be used in numerous other departments to reach company goals. The practice is results-driven and repeatable, making it a great solution to many business problems.

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