The definitive product launch checklist

Here are some tips on how to market your product launch correctly

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Hosting a successful product launch is a big marketing component that needs to be planned and executed perfectly. The product launch is usually the first impression of your business, and this could make or break your product’s chance at success.

You’ve put in months of hard work for your product, ensuring your website works properly, the SEO is on point, the content marketing strategy is running smoothly and the word is spreading on social media. The next step is the product launch.

From compiling the perfect guest list to having a swift roll-out plan once the event is done – there are a lot of details that need to be checked off for a seamless launch. Here are some tips on how to market your launch correctly and make the most of the opportunity to show off your product:

Have the right audience

Before any planning goes into your product launch, you need to have the right audience. Define your guest list and be sure to include the relevant influencers and experts. To help narrow your target audience down, compile a list of 10 or more real people who would be the perfect customer.

Choosing real people rather than imaginary ones for your target audience will humanise them and give them proper personalities. You can these use these people to market the product launch to similar individuals you may know. The people on your guest list should have similar interests and an affinity to your product.

Your audience should share whatever problem your product aims to solve. They can then spread the word on their own websites and social media channels, raising awareness of your product for you. The right audience is vital for giving your product an initial boost.

Have a proper outreach plan

You should also compile a proper list of influential people in your industry who won’t be at the product launch. This list can include 20 people or a few thousand, as many as you can think of that can be helpful in marketing your product.

Include their contact details and come up with a proper outreach plan that includes why each individual is being targeted, how they can help and why they will want to help. These influential people should be able (and willing) to amplify your marketing.

By asking these questions, you are defining your target market and narrowing it down so that you can focus your efforts on an audience that is more likely to make a purchase. Your outreach plan can include free products in exchange for promotion, or a simple collaboration with these influential people.

The right media must be present

In the online world of content and social marketing, it’s easy to forget about the mass media. Don’t forget to invite a list of influential media publications that are relevant to your industry. Think of the types of media that your target audience is likely to read, watch, listen to and follow. These are the media organisations that should be present at your launch.

Think about popular YouTube stars, podcast creators and bloggers too. Mainstream media may have a vast audience, but so too can these individual people (some YouTubers have millions of subscribers who watch their content on a daily basis).

The key is to strike a balance between influencers and mainstream media channels. Publications such as Popular Mechanics are smart choices for companies launching innovative gadgets. Think about your audience and where they are likely to go for their information, and then invite that organisation to the launch.

Have a proper promotional schedule

Come up with an order of proceedings for the product launch. This will mean everyone knows what’s happening and what to expect next as the event moves on. This promotional schedule should include steps to take before, during and after the launch.

Include an efficient rollback plan in your schedule so that if anything goes wrong, you can pull the plug and begin the process of rebranding or recalling the product. Structuring your entire launch will make the process less stressful and will allow you to plan for all possible outcomes.

Supply media assets and content

It’s all good to have the right media and influencers at the launch, but if they are going to create content around your product, you need to supply them with images, videos, logos and guidelines.

These usually come in the form of a press pack and press release. Include videos of people using your product, high-resolution photos, even demo versions if possible. Supply the journalists and influencers with guidelines for press usage and a style guide if you have unclear terms and product names. Make sure all of their content links back to your website or social media channels.

Compile a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs)

At the end of any product launch, the guests are invited to ask questions. Compile a list of FAQs that have come from the testing phase and prepare answers to these. It is more than likely that the audience will ask similar questions, so having an idea of how to answer these will help you.

Use the questions from the testing phase and from the launch to create a complete list of FAQs that you can put on your website to help any consumer in the future. If you have a customer care line, make sure the employees are familiar with these questions so that they can provide accurate and standardised responses.

Aligned answers on the product

This brings us to the final point. You need to make sure that your whole team is 100% aligned and in agreement with their position on the product. In a potential customer speaks to any employee, they should get a similar response and feedback.

Your team should all see the benefit behind the product and have the same understanding as to why they are working on the product (i.e. what problem they are collectively trying to solve or what goal they are all aiming to achieve).

This will complete the connection between product and team, marketing and branding, design and manufacturing. If everyone is on the same page then the product launch should run smoothly, and your hard work should reap the rewards.


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