Digital transformation in packaging and design

Packaging has become far more than just branding and visual appeal. Modern packaging solutions are becoming compatible with digital technologies that help the consumer in various ways, either by simplifying the use of a product or enabling access to information about a brand.

The rise of smart packaging is part of this digital transformation in the industry and is able to offer improved cost control, product quality, brand responsiveness and transportation security. In addition to helping brands in these ways, the digitisation of packaging allows brands to create better consumer experiences and foster loyalty in the process.

Access to information is a crucial part of modern society and packaging can play a role in this field. Digital transformation allows consumers to access product descriptions, video tutorials, ingredient lists and other information by scanning a product’s packaging with their smartphones. Brands can use digital technologies, through packaging design, to create better consumer journeys.

There are numerous reasons why brands, marketers and packaging companies should embrace digitisation. It holds many benefits, as already outlined, and brings them into the 21st century where technology enables better communication between brands and their consumers, as well as easier access to product information.

Digital transformation improves the customer experience

A major goal for many brands around the world is to improve their customer experience and streamline the consumer journey. Digital transformation allows packaging companies to design for the consumer and facilitate better interaction with a brand. It also allows a brand to launch new products in a more effective way that provides a memorable experience for the buyer. 

Augmented reality and animated displays are examples of digital technologies that may add to the buying experience. By creating pleasing unboxing experiences through packaging design, a brand can make the end of the consumer journey just as exciting as the previous steps of the buying process. Undoubtedly, digital technologies are improving this activity.

Digitisation facilitates information gathering

Marketers can use the information gained, once a pack is released into the market, to assess buying patterns and consumer preferences. Designers can also use this information to improve future iterations of a product or pack. Digital transformation gives brands the ability to respond quickly to market changes and consumer demands – often providing real-time information from the marketplace.

Integrating new technologies into packaging can allow brands to use consumer-led designs and employ better marketing techniques based on these insights. This adds value to the consumer experience and promotes better customer loyalty. The rapid speed at which digitisation is impacting the packaging industry is a good sign of the improvements still to come.


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