Facebook’s new fundraising feature

Facebook and other social media platforms can be powerful tools when it comes to rallying support and drumming up attention. Every single day, thousands of fundraising causes are posted about on Facebook in the hopes of appealing to the community spirit to raise money for a certain problem.

Whether it links to a GoFundMe page or Facebook polls and petitions, the channel has played host to most of the campaigns out there. Facebook has decided to launch their own fundraising tools that will make the process more impactful.

Donating money to your favourite charities

The first feature will allow users to donate money to their preferred NPOs and charity organisations. The feature has been launched in the United States already, and will soon become available globally.

Charities can also ask for donations on Facebook and their followers can contribute to the budget or goal amount. Similarly, people can pledge to match any donations they receive for their favourite charities, so if someone is able to raise R500, they can match that amount and give the R1000 to their NPO of choice.

This tools will help users to not only meet their fundraising goals but exceed them through the power of social media. Raising money will become a lot easier once these features are rolled-out across the globe.

The launch of personal fundraising causes

Facebook has also announced new categories for fundraisers for personal causes like medical bills, volunteering programmes and travel expenses. There will be no fee for personal causes, so users will be able to maximise their support and benefit from the platform, however, Facebook will charge small fees for payment processing and any necessary taxes.

Often we see posts asking for donations for critical surgery for loved ones or school supplies for local children. The new categories for personal causes will give people more options to optimise their fundraising activities.

New categories include family, faith (such as religious community events), travel and volunteering causes. Existing categories include community projects, sports, education, medical, animals, crisis relief and memorial.

How to set up a fundraiser

To set up a cause, visit or press the ‘Fundraisers’ bookmark on the Facebook app. Then, you can choose what cause you want to support or create a new one by selecting from the categories.

Write a bio to tell people why this cause is important and why the funds will help you reach your goals. Follow the prompts and you’ll have a shareable cause in no time.

The passion and care that users have for certain needs have inspired Facebook to launch new tools that make raising money easier. These features will harness the community spirit and garner support for a cause close to your heart.


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