How can the events industry secure the future?

The global events industry has been turned on its head in 2020. Almost every country in the world has had to implement nationwide lockdowns and bans on public gatherings. This means that festivals, music concerts, sports events and other mass gatherings have been cancelled or postponed. The uncertainty and loss of revenue caused by the COVID-19 pandemic have been devastating for the entire industry.

It has become essential for event organisers, managers, stakeholders and role players to strategise for the future. Planning the way forward is the only way to keep the industry alive and to figure out ways to secure itself against similar disasters in the future. The sheer number of people who benefit from events is staggering; musicians, entertainers, comedians, organisers, venue owners, local business owners, support staff, cleaning companies – the list goes on.

All of these people have lost out on an income during the pandemic and many have fallen behind on debts, rental payments and bills. One thing we know is that there is no quick fix to the current problem. Getting the industry back on its feet will take innovation, collaboration and patience. It will happen in time but for now, events industry role players must remind themselves why they are relevant and important. 

The events industry is important

The first step to recovery is to understand why musicians, entertainers and organisers are important for society. They bring people together and unite audiences through their music, comedy routines, dances and shows. Understanding this will motivate artists to continue their work and make progress towards securing the future. It can help them to plan the way forward and prepare for any future disasters.

Understanding why entertainers do what they do will reassert their relevance. It will affirm their importance in society for unifying and entertaining crowds. The events industry is synonymous with leisure, community cohesion, entertainment and happiness. This needs to remain at the core of the industry in the future if it is to be secured. Once we understand these purposes, we can then consider venues, marketing, promotions and other solutions.

Future considerations for the events industry

Building a secure future starts with solid foundations. The next step is to find venues that can accommodate social distancing guidelines and abide by the new rules. These venues need excellent sanitation and hygiene protocols if the audiences are to be protected. Similarly, marketing methods and promoters need to stay up-to-date and target audiences in their own homes. 

Social media and the internet has now become the only way to effectively reach a large audience. People are restricted to the confines of their homes, so they are spending more time on the internet and on social media. Organisers need to consider this when planning any event post-COVID-19.

2020 has been a worst-case scenario for the global events industry. It has exposed weaknesses in the sector and forced role players to rethink their approach to events. The end of COVID-19 will come and lockdown restrictions will be removed. When this happens, the industry needs to be ready and prepared to move forward with a fresh outlook. Future success will be determined by the ability to adapt to change but remain relevant at the same time.


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Written by Joshua Oates

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