How drywall ceilings can make your home better

There are many choices available to building contractors and homeowners when it comes to roofing and ceilings. Drywall panels are a perfect solution for ceilings as they improve the comfort and safety of a home. These panels are made from gypsum and, as such, are sometimes called gypsum board or plasterboard. Whatever you prefer to call them, you should consider using them to make your home a better environment.

People may not think that their ceilings play a major role in home comfort, but they cover such a large surface area that they do, in fact, matter. This is especially true when it comes to temperature and noise regulation. Having a ceiling material that can minimise external noise and regulate the internal temperature of a room is vital.

Three comfort factors affected by drywall ceilings

Drywall ceilings are cost-effective and can impact the value of your home. There are three key areas where this building material  can improve the comfort of a building:

1. Temperature regulation – Drywall panels can equalise and regulate the interior temperature of a home. They create a physical barrier between the roof and the room. The air above the ceiling then acts as an insulator, preventing the transfer of heat from a hot roof to a cool room below. In winter, the opposite happens; a drywall ceiling stops a warm room from losing heat to the cold roof. This saves money on the need for heating and cooling.

2. Sound dampening – Drywall acts as a noise insulator. A quiet home is a relaxing one that enables rest and concentration when they are required. The ceiling absorbs a lot of external noise, making the interior quieter and more comfortable. Noise insulation also adds to the sense of security and privacy of a home; both of which facilitate relaxation and rest.

3. Visual impact – A properly-installed drywall ceiling can make a room look clean and neat. Any room that looks good will feel good to be in. The panels can be installed with a seamless finish once they are plastered and painted. Adding a cornice around the edge will also create a unified join with the walls. The aesthetic impact of drywall as a ceiling material cannot go underappreciated.  

Whether you’re building a new house or renovating your existing home, consider using drywall panels for your ceilings to improve its comfort. Certain drywall products can also be fire- and moisture-resistant, so try using these building materials in kitchens and bathrooms for added benefits.


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