How gardening can help during a crisis

Cultivating a garden at home is a great way to deal with a national crisis, such as a viral pandemic or a civil uprising. It can help with mental health and is a source of food for families and pollinating insects. Gardening has many other benefits, so if you find yourself stuck at home, even without a large outdoor space, you should consider creating a garden of your own.

The world has truly been turned upside down in 2020. With a global pandemic and widespread protests marking the state of the world recently, many citizens have been confined to their homes. Growing a personal source of food has been a necessary option for millions of people around the world, especially since unemployment rates have skyrocketed. Gardening has become a safe haven for many people – keeping them busy and bringing food to the table every day.

This year has shown us that modern society can be vulnerable to crises. It has also highlighted the importance of agricultural industries, supply chains, retail networks and logistics. Food is a basic human need and these services are essential for the population’s survival. However, growing food at home can increase resilience during these crises.

Benefits of gardening at home

No matter where you live, you can create a garden of your own. You don’t need a large outdoor space – as long as you have access to water and sunlight, you can start growing your own fruits, vegetables and herbs. It is an affordable way to improve food security by providing a sustainable source of nourishment.

Gardening can also help with mental health by offering stress-relieving activities. It provides an outlet to keep people busy during lockdown or periods of unemployment. Having something to nurture is important for mental health during a crisis. Tending to a garden can keep people fit and healthy, as well as providing foods that are packed with vitamins and other vital elements. 

Helping Mother Nature at the same time

Besides the physical and mental benefits of gardening, it also lends a helping hand to the local ecosystem. Pollinating insects, such as bees and butterflies, are absolutely necessary for our survival. They pollinate agricultural crops and ensure the continued success of Mother Nature. 

Gardens provide a source of food for these busy little insects. Herbs, fruits, vines and vegetables become a sustaining source of nourishment for pollinators too. With their help, a pot of tomatoes, strawberries, peppers or pumpkins will thrive. Think of bees and butterflies as an invisible garden maintenance crew; keeping your garden healthy and alive. Without them, we would need to rely on expensive mechanical solutions for pollination

Increasing resilience during a crisis

Gardening has always been a good way to increase resilience and the ability to survive during a crisis. This has been proven during famines, wars, depressions and pandemics. It creates a reliable source of food for families that cannot leave their homes or travel to the shops. Growing food at home allows people to remain in the safety of their homes.

It offers relief for unemployed citizens; food can still be put on the table with little source of income. Homegrown food is sometimes the only option for families during tough times, but it is what gets people through crises. The ability to survive catastrophic events comes down to basics such as food and water. Consider starting your own garden at home and see for yourself how it helps during a crisis.


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Written by Joshua Oates

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