How to clean your rental home at the end of the lease

The cleanliness of your rental home will determine the deposit that you get back at the end of the lease. It is important that you leave the property spotless and replace anything that you may have broken during your tenancy. The landlord or agent will do a vigorous inspection of the property, so make sure there is no reason for any dispute. To help ease the stress of moving, here are some pointers for cleaning your rental home at the end of the lease. 


Cleaning of a kitchen countertop at the end of the lease

Start with the kitchen as this space tends to accumulate the most dirt. First, sweep and mop the floors with a strong cleaning agent – try to get rid of any stains seen on the tiles. Clean all countertops to get rid of food stains and spills. If any appliances are staying behind, clean them and switch them off – don’t forget to unplug them from the wall. The oven should be thoroughly cleaned to get rid of grease, and any food residue in the fridge should be removed entirely. 

The freezer should be fully defrosted and cleaned. Wipe down the exterior of the toaster and remove all bread crumbs from inside. If your kitchen has an extractor fan, it should be wiped and the filter must be cleaned. Use a good polishing product to remove any smudges or watermarks on metal surfaces. 

To clear dust, crumbs and grime from kitchen cabinets and the pantry, vacuum the flat surfaces and wipe down the doors with a damp, soapy cloth. Then, inspect the metallic surfaces, such as the sinks and drains, for mould and limescale. There are several easy ways to deal with these problems.

Bedrooms and living rooms 

women cleaning windows with protective gear on

The two most important tasks in the living room are vacuuming and dusting. Vacuum the carpets thoroughly. If any stains remain, you might want to consider hiring a professional or renting an industrial vacuum cleaner to deal with the issue. Vacuum the skirting boards in the area as this accumulates dust and can be easily overlooked, but the landlord will spot it. Ensure that all corners and cupboards, including light fittings, window sills, curtain rails and fans, are dusted and free of cobwebs.  

Check the labels on your curtains. They may be machine washable, but they will almost certainly need dry cleaning. Be sure to clean the curtain rods too. Use a vacuum cleaner or fabric roller to remove dust from the Venetian blinds in the house. Make sure both sides of the slats are clean. If you accidentally broke the blinds, they must be fixed or replaced. 


pristine bathroom with brass taps and mirrors

Wipe down everything in your bathroom. The sink, bath and toilet should be washed with a disinfectant and all taps should be polished to eliminate any lime stains. Brush the interior of the toilet bowl with a disinfectant cleaner before flushing it. This will remove any odours and help the bathroom to appear fresh. There are some simple tips to make your home smell amazing.

Don’t forget to clean and disinfect the toilet seat. Next, inspect the plug holes and drains to ensure that they are clear and that water can easily flow through them. If not, a drain cleaner may aid in the removal of blockages.

Cleaning your rental home at the end of the lease will ensure that you get your deposit back. It will allow you to leave the property in a liveable state for the next tenant – there is nothing more disappointing than moving into a dirty apartment.


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Written by Kate Hawthorne

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