How to create a good unboxing experience

A good brand will make an effort with their packaging in order to create excitement for the consumer. The process of opening the box is sometimes just as important as the product inside, but it needs to be intuitive. There are plenty of amazing examples of unboxing experiences on YouTube – these videos often reach hundreds of millions of views, which shows just how much these minor details mean to end-users.

Unboxing is the last stage of the consumer journey, so brands should make it an event worth remembering for the user. A great unboxing experience can leave a lasting memory and impact on the buyer, often resulting in brand loyalty and returning customers. But what exactly makes a good unboxing experience and how can brands achieve the big reveal in a unique way?

Unexpected surprises and intuitive opening steps are two major factors of a great experience. Here are some other considerations that will help a brand to create a memorable and exciting unboxing process for its customers.

1. Unboxing must be intuitive

The number one cause of frustration for customers who are opening a new product is a complicated and difficult process. There can be numerous steps to opening a pack, but it must be intuitive. If the customer feels confused and cannot gain access to their product, they will become agitated very quickly. Consumers must know instinctively how to open the packaging, even if it is constructed in a quirky way. Finding the balance between intuition and creativity is key when it comes to the design of the packaging.

2. Product positioning within the packaging

Brands also need to consider the way in which their product is positioned within the pack. If the product is set in a clever or unique way, it can create a small surprise for the consumer. For example, placing the product or any peripheral merchandise behind ‘doors’ or within removable ‘drawers’, it can add a fun step to the reveal and create a little more suspense. The positioning creates intrigue and excitement, which results in a memorable unboxing experience.

3. More internal discoveries

This is directly linked to the previous step. Consumers love a surprise when opening a pack. Any additional elements within the pack can be used as an added surprise, even if it is a simple thank you card, a gift voucher or a cleverly-designed user manual. Think about how to take these usually-mundane items and turn them into a surprise for the user. Small discoveries, such as ornaments, keepsakes and additional tools can also be included as an unexpected element for the consumer.

4. The re-use of packaging is important

Nowadays, consumers place a great emphasis on recyclability or reuse of packaging materials. Most major brands are taking steps towards sustainability to meet consumer expectations and minimise their environmental impact. Packaging designers should create packs that can be repurposed and reused once they have been opened. An ornamental pack is more appealing to a consumer than one that will simply be discarded. The unboxing experience can be elevated by the fact that the packaging can be used again in the home.

If the pack cannot be reused, at the very least, it should be recyclable. This makes the consumer more secure in the knowledge that their purchase has had a minimal impact on the planet. A package that uses too much plastic or non-recyclable material will have a negative impact on the unboxing experience, as the consumer is more likely to feel guilt and possible remorse.

The unboxing process is an important consideration for brands and packaging designers. If done properly, it can create greater returns and improved customer satisfaction. Most consumers are likely to research a product online before making a purchase, so if they see that existing users are happy with a product and it’s unboxing, they are more likely to commit to a purchase.


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