How to create a more colourful garden

Most homeowners are happy to have a garden that’s green and thriving, but some prefer to have a more colourful one. Various hues can make a world of difference to an otherwise healthy garden. It makes the space more vibrant and interesting; catching the eye of visitors and nature’s own pollinators, such as butterflies, bees and sunbirds. A colourful garden is more inviting and creates a biodiverse space.

There are a number of ways of adding more colour to your yard; the obvious being to plant more flowers. But there is a need to think carefully about which species to choose and where to place them. Ideally, homeowners should opt for indigenous species first as these are more resilient and have adapted to your local weather and climate. Local species can also be more unique and interesting, as well as providing a source of food for other indigenous insects and birds.

Tips for creating a colourful garden

Once you have decided on the local species to plant, you will need to look at their flowering seasons. Some species bloom in spring, others flower multiple times a year. By mixing species with different seasons, you are guaranteed to have some colour in your garden all year round. Plant similar species in the same area to create a dense and colourful area when they come into blossom.

Try to plant species with different seasons next to one another so that there is always a burst of colour and a focal point to which the eye is drawn. When one patch is green and dormant, the adjacent area will be teeming with life and vibrance. This is a simple way to keep your garden looking colourful throughout the year.

Next, opt for plants with colourful leaves and stems. There are many species that have purple, yellow, red or blue leaves. This will add variation in hue to your flower beds, even when the plants are dormant or out of season. Succulents and grasses are ideal examples of species that have various coloured leaves.

Try to pick plants that flower for lengthy periods of time or that have many blooming seasons per year. Species such as sunbird bush or strelitzia flower every few months. The longer the bloom and the more often it takes place, the more colourful your garden will be. Speak to your local nursery about which indigenous species can offer these qualities.

Ways to create a garden that requires less water

Try landscaping to add colour

When you have run out of ideas and options, you can always report to landscaping hacks for more colour. A painted pot or garden feature is a simple way to add life and colour to an otherwise dull area of your garden. Hand-painted garden signs are another ideal hardscaping tool that can be used to catch the eye of guests.

These easy steps will make your garden a more vibrant space throughout the year. They can be implemented to create showy displays of hues and make your garden an inviting area for you and local fauna. You should also consider hiring a local landscaper or garden maintenance company to help you to add more colour to your yard.


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Written by Joshua Oates

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