How to host a stress-free children’s birthday party

Hosting and organizing a children’s birthday party can be loads of fun but they can make you feel like pulling your hair out by the end of them. Follow these simple ways to host a kid’s party without the stress and chaos that usually accompanies them.

Keep the guest list small

Don’t invite everyone from your child’s class. Keep it limited to a select few best friends, including cousins and siblings. This will help you keep things orderly and manageable for both you and your child.

Pick a theme with your child

Go to your local party store and pick a theme that has everything you need for a successful party. Don’t stress yourself out by having your child pick a theme that’s impossible to buy for. It’s important to keep things simple and fun. You don’t have to spend loads of money on a party for your child to have a good day.

Don’t leave things to the last minute

Make sure that you have everything planned, organized and purchased plenty of time in advance. Get your invites out, your rsvp’s in, your venue booked and have all your child’s presents and party accoutrements ready a couple of weeks before the time.

Choosing your venue

If you choose to host your child’s party at home, keep things simple and have an exact start and end time. The party doesn’t have to be a whole day affair. Keep it short and sweet.

Choosing to go with an outside venue can make life a whole lot easier especially if the venue takes care of the kids, keeps them entertained and fed, and has a set schedule. When making your decision, consider the clean-up afterwards.

Get help

Don’t do things on your own. Enlist the help of another parent, your spouse, best friend or family member to assist you on the day.


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Written by Taryn Hill

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