How to improve business resilience through networking

The global pandemic has revolutionised business operations and the way in which they interact with customers. For many businesses, it meant having to shut down and shift to remote working for employees. In some cases, this shift has caused companies to fail and become obsolete. Businesses have been forced to become resilient through networking infrastructure and modern IT solutions. 

Companies need reliable networks and strong communication foundations nowadays. If the amount of employees who work from home increases, so should networking solutions. Businesses must find a suitable partner who will ensure reliable networking and implement modern information and communication technology (ICT) infrastructure. 

Business functionality and resilience depends on a clear strategy and top of the range networking models. In order for the company needs to be met, solutions should be scalable and future-proof to ensure that operations can grow and adapt to new innovations. However, with new networking comes an increased risk with security. Businesses must implement advanced security solutions and cloud based data storage, through their chosen ICT partners. 

Cloud is key for business resilience

The abrupt shift towards remote working has pushed companies to cloud migration. Working from home illustrates the benefits of cloud-based services, including automating back-up of data, easy restoration and improved security features. As employees work from home, a cloud-based network will ensure that they can still access the system and collaborate on shared files.

To ensure productivity in modern businesses, both home and corporate networks need to be upgraded. This may consist of using a software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN), which intelligently directs traffic across the company’s digital network. SD-WAN improves efficiency, security and reliability. Managed network services is the best choice when it comes to a remote workforce as it will improve functionality and reliability of these new systems. 

Work applications must be cloud-based 

Business resilience requires software compatibility and accessibility for employees. For communications and continuity, companies must use programmes that work together, such as Microsoft 365 applications. Employees will need to access many programmes in order to collaborate on tasks and projects properly, so these compatible solutions are ideal. 

To guarantee that working remotely is a simple and seamless transition, businesses must ensure that these sorts of technologies are available to employees. Companies must carefully select their networking and ICT partners in the future. Solutions like the cloud, SD-WAN,advanced security software and managed network services are required for smooth operations from home or the office.


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