How to improve your sports betting chances

Online sports betting is a massive industry across the globe. People are always keen on making quick money off a variety of live sports fixtures. From football and rugby to horse racing and boxing, sports betting websites allow users to bet real money on the outcome of a fixture.

Sports betting is a popular pastime around the world. With so much money being placed on the outcome of sporting events, we’ve decided to compile a few tips that will improve your chances of winning. 

Do not always bet on the team you support

Proud fans and supporters will often put money on their favourite team or athlete. This is not the wisest decision, especially when that team or person is an underdog. Don’t always follow your heart – rather look at statistics, information and recent performances to help you decide where to place your money.

Even if it means betting against your favourite team or sports star, a bet should be made on a statistical likelihood of a win. If the odds are stacked against your team, it’s probably wiser to bet your money on the likely winners. When it comes to sports betting, the aim is to make a profit by thinking critically. If you’re going to follow your heart, rather keep your money in your pockets.

Know the sport well and do your research

Successful sports bettors understand the game they bet on. They know the rules, the teams, the players and the background of the sport. This knowledge is what helps them to make the best decisions. Get to know the intricacies of the sport before betting money.

Keep an eye on the latest news about the sport. This will give you a competitive edge over other bettors. News articles will give you insight into the team’s recent performance and who they are benching for the upcoming game. It can also inform you of any recent injuries that could determine the outcome of a game.

The more you know, the more confident you can be with your bets. Knowledge and research will result in informed decisions, which are statistically more successful. Knowing a sport can also enable you to spot discrepancies in the bookmaker’s odds, which can boost profits if you win.

Consider betting through smaller websites

Sports bettors often have their favourite websites. These are generally popular around the world and attract millions of bets per fixture. However, smaller and less well-known websites can offer greater value. The bookmakers on these smaller sites sometimes price the odds wrongly which gives bettors a better opportunity to maximise their winnings.

Keep your selections simple

Keep your betting selection to a minimum and don’t fall for the trap of accumulator bets. By betting on a few outcomes only, you actually increase your chances of winning big. Bookmakers make their money from accumulator bets and lose the most on single bets, so it pays to keep your selections simple.

Bet at the correct time

Keep an eye on your bookmaker’s website and offerings. They tend to have special odds for bigger sporting events, such as championship finals. Some bookmakers will advertise these odds for a certain period of time only. Others may offer you free bets if you meet certain conditions, so choosing the right time to bet can result in larger profits.

Don’t ignore the underdogs

While the stronger team may have a better chance at winning, their odds are usually less favourable than the underdogs. Some bettors win big by putting their money on the weaker team or athlete. This is where research and knowing the sport come into play in a big way.

If you think the underdogs have a good chance of winning and if their odds are really favorable, then it may be worth the risk of placing a bet on them. If you think the underdogs have a 20% chance of winning, but the bookmakers reflect the odds as 5%, then your bet will be well priced if they end up winning.

In summary, sports betting is about using your head rather than your heart. Emotions should be kept out of betting and knowledge should form the foundation of the bets you place. There can be few greater feelings than winning big on sports fixtures, so do your research, look for the best odds and don’t be too hasty to put your money on your favourite team.


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Written by Joshua Oates

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