How to improve your video gaming skills

Whether you feel trapped in the realm of perpetual noobdom or simply feel the urge to level up, these 6 tips are a great bonus addition to your inventory and will help to improve your video gaming skills.


If there’s a particular game that you’re wanting to focus improving your skills on, not only do you have to spend hours playing but you should also be researching every tip and trick that you can about the game. You can do this by watching professional gamers on Twitch or YouTube, reading the game’s official strategy guide, and looking up walkthrough guides online.


If you want to master a specific game you can’t just focus on one particular portion of the game. Discover and play every single part of the game. Find those hidden easter eggs and explore every inch of the map. Don’t just skip through cut scenes so you can get back to hacking and slashing. Take in the story and really understand what’s going on.

It’s also important that you play the game multiple times from beginning to end. And that goes for levels as well. Play through an area or level as many times as possible until you can practically play it in your sleep.

Challenge yourself

Start off on a skill level that you’re comfortable with initially and once you start feeling more confident try out harder skill levels. Think of it like training. You’re not going to be great if you haven’t got the basics mastered.

Try out different genres

Start giving games a try that are outside the wheelhouse of games you normally go for. You might be holding back thinking that you wouldn’t be any good at FPS, RPG or co-op games if they’re not the genre of game you’re used to. But if there is a game like that out there that has peaked your interest go for it! You might seriously surprise yourself and a whole new world might open up for you.

And if you really want to boost your reaction time in games there’s nothing like a good old fashioned NES game. Modern console games have nothing on those old school games when it comes to precise coordination.

Practice makes perfect

There’s no way around it. The only real way to be a better gamer is endless hours of practice. The more hours you put into a game the better you will be. Soon enough playing your favourite game will become second-nature.

Take care of yourself

While it is important to get better through practice, nothing is more crucial than taking care of yourself. It has been proven that lack of sleep is going to have you taking some serious damage both in-game and IRL. Playing while exhausted and tweaked out on energy drinks will throw off your hand-eye coordination, reaction time and concentration in a big way. So if you find that you’re struggling and getting frustrated after playing for a long period of time, take a proper break, get a good night’s sleep, eat well and come back to it when you’re rested and recharged.


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Written by Taryn Hill

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