How to prepare yourself for a return to the office

Many people that have been working remotely due to the pandemic are finding it incredibly difficult to transition back to working in the office. Here are a few tips to help prepare you for going back to the office and to get you back into the swing of things once again.

Begin with a positive outlook

A change in perspective can really help you to cope with the transition. It’s important to remind yourself that any change comes with a period of adjustment and to be gentle with yourself as you adjust to office life once again. Try to focus on the positives of returning to the office, such as enhanced productivity, reduced loneliness, rebuilding social connections and a clearer separation between work and home life.

Keeping a positive attitude, setting personal boundaries, ensuring that you have a healthy sleep schedule and exercising self-care can all assist to reduce anxiety about going back to work in the office.

Try negotiating a slower transition back

Ask your boss if you can continue to work remotely – at least for a portion of the week – to keep some flexibility and ease you back into office life. Many people have enjoyed working from home, so splitting the transition into stages can make it easier to readjust.

Get used to reengaging with co-workers

Keep in mind that readjusting to the social aspects of working in an office atmosphere may take some time. If being among people overwhelms you at first, arrive at work earlier than your coworkers to ease yourself into spending time with them.

Make yourself at home

To make your transition a little easier, add little things from home that will make your workstation a little cozier – whether that means a few photos, a plant, a blanket, or using noise-cancelling headphones, if your job allows for them.


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Written by Taryn Hill

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