How to repair a concrete driveway

Concrete driveways undergo a lot of wear and tear during their lifespan. Fluctuating temperatures and heavy vehicles take their toll on the concrete and eventually, cracks and chips may develop.

Concrete sealant is the best material for wear and tear repairs. It strengthens the concrete and matches its natural appearance. Concrete sealant can also prevent further cracking and organic materials from growing out of the cracks, such as moss and weeds.

Concrete sealant can also be applied as soon as new concrete finishes curing to protect the driveway from the sun, rain, mold and hail. Some sealants will give the concrete a gloss finish to make it look shiny and new.

Knowing how to repair and seal your own driveway can save you a lot of money. These tips can even be applied to other concrete surfaces such as walkways, pavements and veranda floors.

How to repair a concrete driveway

Take the following steps to repair and seal your concrete driveway or floor:

  1. Remove any dirt, dust and debris from the concrete by sweeping, washing or using a screwdriver to dig into the cracks. Allow the concrete to dry after washing.
  2. If the cracks are small and narrow, fill them with repair caulk (polyurethane concrete sealant works well).
  3. If the cracks are wider than 1cm, push a foam rod into the cracks with a screwdriver and fill with concrete crack sealant.
  4. Concrete sealant must be completely dry before you can drive on it, which can take up to three days in bad weather. Check the instructions on the packaging to see the drying times.

For badly damaged driveways, it might be more viable to entirely resurface the concrete. Thoroughly clean the driveway with a sturdy broom followed by a wash with a high-pressure hose. Allow the concrete to dry then apply the concrete resurfacer. 

You can smooth the resurfacer with a trowel or a metal bar. Allow it to dry for a few hours before walking or driving on it. Remember to check the weather and apply the resurfacer when it’s warm and sunny – rain can ruin the repair job.


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