How to share your live location with someone on Google Maps

Google Maps now allows you to share your real-time location with others by using Google Location Sharing. This feature is useful for a number of reasons. You can use it to share your location with friends and family for safety purposes so that they know where you are at all times.

You can also use it so that someone can find your exact location. This is especially helpful when simply giving a physical address doesn’t quite do the trick.

How to share your live location

To share your real-time location with others, you will need to open the Google Maps app on your device. On the map that appears, you will see a blue dot that represents your current location. Simply tap the blue dot and select “Share your location” from the menu that comes up.

Once you have selected it you have the option to either share your location for a limited amount of time, which is adjustable according to your requirements, or indefinitely by selecting the “Until you turn this off” option.

You will then need to select an external app that you would like to share your location via, such as Whatsapp, Gmail, or Facebook Messenger. You can also share your location by selecting a specific contact and sending them a link. They will receive a notification on their phone.

How to stop sharing your location

In order to manually stop sharing your location with the contact you have selected, you will need to navigate to the side menu within Google Maps and select “Location sharing”.

Next, select the contact’s icon, switch off your link and then remove them from your location sharing list. If your contact has a Google account you can also request to have them share their live location with you.

Share your trip progress

Google Maps also has a feature that allows you to share your trip progress and estimated time of arrival with a contact when en route to a location. To use this feature, open Google Maps, navigate to the side menu and select “Start driving” to set your destination.

Once you have selected your destination you will see an arrow at the bottom right of the screen. Press it and select “Share trip progress”. You can then either select a specific contact or an external app. The link that is shared will allow your contact to view your location at all times until you arrive at your destination. It will also give them your estimated time of arrival.

If you would like to stop sharing your progress at any time before your trip is complete, you can tap on the sharing icon or swipe up on the bottom of the screen and select “Stop sharing” from the menu that appears.


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