How to stay on top of office pest control

Cleaning and pest control are inextricably linked. Pests are less attracted to a clean environment. What’s more, they carry dirt and bacteria around, so having fewer pests leads to a cleaner environment. It’s like a perpetual cycle that can be eradicated just by having a clean house or office.

If your workplace is visibly dirty, or if a guest notices a cockroach running beneath a table, the business will most likely be perceived as unsanitary and unprofessional. This could result in reputational damage and revenue loss. While the food industry is legally required to meet regulatory hygiene standards, all companies must focus on cleaning and pest control.

The connection between pest control and cleanliness

Pests thrive best in unclean or untidy environments. To avoid attracting pests, all parts of the workplace, including outdoor spaces, must be well-maintained and clean. Pests transfer bacteria and viruses as they land on different surfaces. 

Cockroaches and flies can contaminate foods when they come into contact with it in a kitchen or canteen. When there is a lot of unprotected food laying about, it attracts pests, so it is vital for food waste or food packaging to be properly and promptly disposed of.

Any pest sighting should be addressed as soon as possible, with experts being called in to help. Pests can be extremely difficult to get rid of after they have been attracted to a site. Furthermore, some pests, such as cockroaches, are exceptionally hardy – making extermination difficult.

Pests are destructive by definition and nearly all species of pests multiply quickly. Rodents can chew through cables and upholstery, causing significant property damage. Insects can infest computer hardware, resulting in additional IT costs. 

Pests also attract more pests. Snakes may be drawn to small rodents in the workplace, just as bugs and mice may attract birds. Before this happens, it’s critical to break the cycle. Expert assistance is required to keep the office free of pests, particularly if an infestation has already occurred.

Getting expert assistance

IWESCO offers professional cleaning and pest control services to assist in the prevention of infectious diseases spreading in the workplace. IWESCO also provides garden services to keep the exterior pest-free. While prevention is the best approach when it comes to pest control, once pests are discovered, experts must be contacted immediately. 

Cleaning and pest control leads to more productive working conditions and a healthier workforce. Businesses require a strong approach to cleaning and pest control, keeping in mind that the two are very much interconnected, to avoid unnecessary property damage and associated health hazards.


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Written by Taryn Hill

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