How to write persuasively

Creating a piece of writing is one thing. You decide on a topic, you have (or rather, write) your say, and that is mostly that. Persuasive writing, however, is writing in order to convince readers about an idea or an opinion, or to encourage them to take a particular action. 

Persuasive writers use a variety of carefully selected words and phrases, so improving their arguments and supporting their opinions. Persuasive writing techniques are often used by advertising copywriters, whose aim it is to get consumers to buy a certain product.

Here are a few tried-and-tested persuasive writing techniques you can put to the test:

  • Use repetition. Make the same point, but in several different ways. Give an example, then tell a story. Later, share an example – then repeat your point one last time in your summary.
  • Let readers relate. Try to relate your point to something that is already generally accepted as true, or to something the reader accepts as true. For example: “We all know that smoking can lead to lung disease, but did you know that there are several therapies available to help smokers quit this dangerous habit?”
  • Give reasons why. Studies have shown that people are more likely to comply with a request if you supply them with reasons why. To write persuasively, remember the power of the word “because”.
  • Supply social proof . Testimonials and referrals can be very powerful in convincing readers to take a particular action. If possible, reference scientific studies as well as customer testimonials supporting your viewpoint.
  • Address objections. This is a tool often used in direct marketing campaigns. Make sure you know your subject or product really well, so that you can address potential objections in your writing.
  • Tell a story. Storytelling is a powerful tactic to use in conjunction with other persuasive writing techniques. Stories make it possible for people to persuade themselves. If there is one persuasive writing skill to hone, it is the art of storytelling!

A secret formula to help you write persuasively

Here is a great little video offering some tips on how to make your writing as engaging, magnetic and persuasive as possible! 


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