If internet sounds too cheap, read the terms and conditions

Everyone is aware that when something sounds too cheap, it’s probably a bad deal. This is also true when it comes to internet connectivity and unbelievable pricing. Internet service providers (ISPs) need to be competitive with their pricing but when one company offers a deal that seems to undercut everyone else, just be cautious. In these instances, be sure to read the terms and conditions very carefully. 

Usually, cheap internet deals are actually temporary promotions that entice customers to sign up at a reduced price, but there’s always a catch! When the promotion ends, the fees will return to normal without warning. If you sign a contract without reading the terms and conditions carefully, you could be stuck paying a price that you never agreed on. 

Many people get caught out by these sorts of promotions every year – sometimes even switching to a new ISP to save money, but ending up paying more than their original fees once the promotion ends. It’s good to remember that an ISP can never guarantee a low price if the fibre network operator (FNO), that they lease the fibre cables from, decides to increase its pricing. 

A low price often means poor internet service

Usually, a fibre internet package is priced according to the speed and quality of the connection. The more expensive the package, the faster the speed of the internet and the less lag associated with the line. So next time you see a “too good to be true” deal from an ISP, check the speed that is being offered. More often than not, the connection will be slow and of low quality. 

If you’re still tempted to sign up and if the offer is legitimate, then do some research into the ISP and take note of the normal prices of their other packages. Compare these options with those of their competitors to be certain that you are not signing up for a temporary deal. This research will give you a good indication of the legitimacy of the offer and of the ISP in question.

Look into the terms of the promotion

If you know that it’s a temporary promotion being offered, but you’re still willing to sign up, then the terms become absolutely critical. You may find that the promotion is only valid in certain areas or suburbs! These advertisements are designed to entice new customers to sign up to the fibre lines that have just been installed. Yes, the price seems incredibly reasonable, but it is often only set for outlying areas which are on the outskirts of city centres. 

ISPs would rather target new clients in new territory because it is easier to persuade someone to sign up for the first time than it is to convince someone to switch ISPs. Before taking advantage of low-cost fibre internet, always read the fine print, compare prices with competitors, find out what locations the promotion is available in and always look at the price of what the ISP’s bundles would be ordinarily. 


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