Is your company an easy target for online extortion?

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic and the growth of the work-from-home trend two years ago, there has unquestionably been an increase in the prevalence of cyber attacks across the globe. Almost no companies in today’s business environment are completely safe from cyber attacks and online extortion. Every business in every industry could become a potential target.

Currently, many business leaders have the mentality that “it won’t happen to me.” Given the increasing importance of digital technologies in business today, it is inescapable that online threats and cyber extortion are very real possibilities. This is why companies need to partner with a reputable cyber security business that can cater to their various needs.

How to determine whether your company is vulnerable

Ransomware and cyber extortion will affect certain businesses more than others. It is all dependent on the extent to which a company has incorporated security software and technologies. Businesses without a comprehensive security strategy and emergency response plan will also be more vulnerable to cyber attacks.

The fact that ransomware and cyber attacks are always evolving makes the issue more complicated. Businesses must now match the increased sophistication of cybercriminals. A company can be ruined by the financial losses and reputational damage brought on by cyber attacks and data breaches.

Many companies rely on data backups to recover lost information following an attack, but this is simply not enough. A solid cyber defence strategy should focus on protecting data and a company’s intellectual property (IP). In order to keep all systems operational, up-to-date and closely monitored at all times, organisations should partner with a reputable IT security company.

Both large and small businesses can benefit from SEACOM Business‘ cyber security solutions. These include full-service hosted security and protection against distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. When partnering with SEACOM Business, companies can rest assured that their digital environments will have the very best in security technology.

A good cyber security solution should be autonomous

Any potential threat or intrusion should be automatically monitored, mitigated and reported on by an effective cyber security solution. The quicker the system can respond to an attack, the better the outcome for the company. Businesses can no longer afford to rely solely on human monitoring and control due to the high costs associated with a full-blown data breach.

Enterprises should invest in an automated detection and response solution that will alert IT managers of any issues right away. An excellent strategy to reduce any damage done is to be prepared for any threat. This entails conducting security drills, maintaining IT systems on a regular basis and keeping all security software up to date. Your company is seriously in danger of a cyber attack if these are not routine business practises.


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Written by Taryn Hill

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