Jaguar Land Rover announces new worldwide strategy

Jaguar Land Rover, the British motor vehicle manufacturer, is working towards a greener future by laying more sustainable building blocks ahead with their new global strategy. This innovative strategy is called ‘Reimagine’. It will set the bar even higher when it comes to the environmental and societal impact of the brand. Jaguar Land Rover is also planning to release their very own electric vehicles (EVs) for both brands. 

CEO of Jaguar Land Rover, Thierry Bolloré, says, “The Reimagine strategy allows us to enhance and celebrate that uniqueness like never before. Together, we can design an even more sustainable and positive impact on the world around us.” The distinctive characteristics of both Jaguar and Land Rover will be kept in their up-and-coming range of EVs – even though they will be constructed on different foundations.

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Jaguar Land Rover plans for the majority of options to be EVs 

Electric versions of the Discovery, Defender and Range Rover models will be released within the next five years by Land Rover. The first of these EVs will make its debut in 2024. By 2030, Land Rover and Jaguar’s goal is to have one EV released for each of their vehicle categories. By this time, Land Rover is hoping that EVs will make up 60% of their total sales.

If the new strategy is followed correctly, then both brands will be able to achieve net-zero carbon emissions throughout all of their operations and supply chains by 2039. The strategy also includes the launch of clean fuel-cell-powered hybrid vehicles and prototypes of these could be released as soon as 2022 in the UK.

In order to achieve the goals that Jaguar Land Rover has set for themselves, they are allocating £2.5-billion (~R52-billion) each year towards the research and advancements in electrification technology, as well as the development of creating an even better customer experience through connected services. 

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The new strategy is pushing for quality and efficiency

Jaguar Land Rover is aiming to repurpose, reorganize and rightsize their vehicles to set a higher standard when it comes to efficiency and quality in the luxury car industry. While doing this, Jaguar and Land Rover’s cars will still retain their separate characteristics and will not be constructed upon the same architecture.

What this means is that they will combine the models and platforms manufactured at different sites, so that they can refine the quality and standards of output. As a result, each plant will be able to boost its overall standards and effectiveness. Quality and sustainability are immensely important when it comes to the luxury segment; therefore, trade unions, key suppliers and retailers will be involved in improving these aspects throughout the future of Jaguar Land Rover.

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Working within the Tata Group

Tata Motors fully owns Jaguar Land Rover and this new strategy will help to ensure the sharing of knowledge and cooperation between other Tata Group brands. This will ensure that a higher level of sustainability, a lowering of carbon emissions and better technology is achieved for all subsidiaries. 

“We have so many ingredients from within. It is a unique opportunity. Others have to rely solely on external partnerships and compromise, but we have frictionless access that will allow us to lean forward with confidence and at speed,” Bolloré explains.

“The strategy takes Jaguar Land Rover on a significant path of acceleration in harmony with the vision and sustainability priorities of the wider Tata Group. Together, we will help Jaguar realise its potential, reinforce Land Rover’s timeless appeal and collectively become a symbol of a truly responsible business for its customers, society and the planet,” says the chairman of Tata Sons, Tata Motors and Jaguar Land Rover Automotive, Natarajan Chandrasekaran.

Bolloré concludes, “As a human-centered company, we can, and will, move much faster and with the clear purpose of not just reimagining modern luxury but defining it for two distinct brands.” With this new global strategy being launched, both Jaguar and Land Rover will see increased profits.”


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Written by Dylan Eloff

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