Looking for a FIBC supplier? Here’s what to search for

A flexible intermediate bulk container (FIBC) is a highly adaptable, woven fabric bag that can be used to store and transport large volumes of various products, such as chemicals, raw materials and agricultural produce. Some FIBCs can also be reusable and recyclable. Also known as bulk bags, these products are tough, resilient and manufactured in line with international standards. 

Finding the best supplier is important for your business; not only in terms of value for money, but also for efficiency and quality. However, there can be misleading information and difficulty when choosing the right FIBC supplier. Usually the cheapest suppliers produce the lowest quality bulk bags. When looking for a FIBC supplier, here’s what you should look for. 

What materials does the FIBC supplier use?

Looking for a FIBC supplier? Here's what to look for

FIBCs are made up from a variety of materials and components that improve their durability and safety. Polypropylene (PP) is the main material that is used to manufacture bulk bags in the packaging industry. It is woven into a lightweight fabric that is incredibly durable and flexible too. 

Other materials can be incorporated into the FIBC to suit the type of product that will be stored within it. Inner liners and splash-proof substances are often added to render the bulk bag impenetrable to liquids. This can either keep moisture out of dry products or keep liquid products in. 

When looking for a bulk bag supplier, always remember to find one that can cater to your specific requirements in your industry. FIBC manufacturers can have different offerings when it comes to reusability, recycling and the materials used, which is often guided by the production regulations set out by the government.

What types of FIBCs are available?

Find a supplier that can give you optional extras to expand the possibilities of uses for your FIBCs. Also look for manufacturers who offer filling attachments, inserts, design options and discharge attachments. An added bonus is that some suppliers can print on the fabric of the bags to incorporate branding and personalisation. Use a supplier who not only offers various dimensions and finishes, but also one that can adapt to your needs. 

What quality can you expect from your FIBC supplier?

Looking for a FIBC supplier? Here's what to look for

New bulk bags are of the finest quality and are highly resilient. However, refurbished FIBCs from the right supplier offer exactly the same quality and for a cheaper price. The word “refurbished” is often associated with lower quality, but expert suppliers go through a thorough process of restoration to ensure that you get the best reliability, strength and cleanliness from used FIBCs. 

Ensure that your chosen supplier goes through an extensive inspection of the structural quality of each bag and that everything is suitable for use, such as the inserts, bottoms, loops and discharge spouts. The FIBC supplier must run diagnostics that test the safety of the bags to make sure that they meet operational requirements. 


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