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Mobimeme populates WaysTo with fantastic content, but we can offer your business content too.

Types of content packages on offer by Mobimeme

Besides creating content for, Mobimeme offers content packages to clients. As part of our range of packages, we offer a number of content options for your website – both written and visual. Here’s a breakdown of the types of content and what they entail:

  • Articles – Original, written pieces of content of varying lengths, depending on the topic. We may find inspiration from other sources on the web, but all of our articles are written from scratch to ensure that you have unique content on your site. We base our articles on current affairs and interesting news in your industry.
  • Interviews – Along with written articles, we will also submit questions to your business to get your opinion on a topic. This ensures that a reliable human voice comes out in the piece to solidify opinions and arguments. Some of the articles will be about speciality topics in your field of expertise, so we will need to interview you (or someone at your business) to get an insight into the topic at hand.
  • Listicles – A small listed overview that gives readers a quick and easy-to-read summary of available options. It is presented as a bulleted list that is easy to understand and quick to reference. These lists are a popular form of content on the web as users have short attention spans and like to find what they’re looking for as quickly as possible. A list is the best way to get information across to the reader.
  • Infographics – These are graphics that convey the topic in picture form, usually in two-dimensional cartoon format. The infographics can be saved as images so they are easy to share and understand. We have qualified graphic designers on hand to create informative but simple graphics for your site.
  • Videos – We can create videos for your website, whether they are branding videos, recorded interviews or informative instructional videos. Internet users are constantly looking for easier ways to access information, and videos are a popular choice. It is easier to watch a  video than to read a long-winded article about the same topic. We’ll strategise and create the video from scratch, in-house.

Our video options go more in-depth as we offer different formats that will be suited to your needs. Here are some examples of the videos that we can create, all of which are between 30 and 90 seconds:

  • Business overviews – These are short videos that give a short introduction to your business. Think of it as an elevator pitch of sorts. These types of videos work well for most businesses in any industry.
  • Tutorial videos – These are clips that inform your target audience of how to do something. They are listed options that provide a step-by-step guide to achieve something, such as “How to prepare for an interview”.
  • Video tips – Similar to tutorial videos, these are a list of options that inform your audience. However, video tips are solely focussed on you and your business and give you credibility as an expert in your field. For example, some possible topics include “10 investing terms you should know” or “5 rules for travelling on a budget”.
  • Educational videos – These clips aim to share vital information with your viewers. They are not listed options, but rather take the form of a story or anecdote. Examples of educational videos include “Where to invest in property” or “Financial advice for university graduates”.


Mobimeme offers content marketing, SEO, analytics, social media management and expert direction in the digital sphere. Building and growing online audiences for your business is what we do best. Get in touch with us to find out more about our package offerings and how you can improve your website and following.


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