Safety tips for better office cleaning

It goes without saying; a clean office improves employee morale and creates a positive impression for customers and clients. Although attention is often placed on how clean the workplace is, it is vital to also consider safety processes too. These measures help to protect employees and the cleaners. This is why a professional cleaning provider is always a great option.

A contract cleaner will be able to offer various cleaning options, from commercial and industrial cleaning to specialised and once-off services. In addition, their employees are highly skilled in the field. A good cleaning provider will implement safety protocols to ensure that their customers remain safe and that they complete the job to the highest standards.

By choosing a contract cleaning company to handle your office cleanliness, you will guarantee that the space remains in the best condition for hosting meetings and welcoming customers. These safety tips will ensure that you improve the quality of your office cleaning.

Safety tips for better office cleaning

1. Organise documents before the cleaning team arrives

Once a contract cleaning team arrives on-site, their job is to move methodically and swiftly through the workplace. This helps to minimise downtime and disruptions. However, it makes the job harder if there are files, documents and company information strewn across offices and desks. Ensure that all papers and files are stored in cabinets and that work desks are tidy and orderly before we arrive.

This will also prevent the cleaning team from having to move things. Employees should take responsibility for their desks and workstations, as well as protect sensitive information and vital documents. This will allow the cleaners to do their jobs more efficiently and prevent any misplacement of files. All personal electronic devices, such as cell phones, laptops and tablets should be removed from the office too.

Safety tips for better office cleaning

2. Try to remove any loose wires

Technology is an essential component of any business, but this also means lots of wires lying on the floor and across desks. Loose wires are a tripping hazard, not to mention the obvious risk of electrocution if they get wet or damaged. In some cases, cleaning equipment can catch a wire and pull a computer or printer off a desk. This is why all loose wires should be removed or placed out of the way.

They can be placed in storage cabinets or zip-tied to the desks. Wires across the floor should be pushed up against the wall. If unplugging wires, it’s a good idea to mark them so that you know where they belong when the cleaners are finished. It’s frustrating trying to find the right cord for a printer when you have several in a cabinet, so try to colour code the wires when you remove them.

Safety tips for better office cleaning

3. Beware of some cleaning materials

Some detergents and cleaning materials are hazardous. These strong disinfectants can be flammable or harmful if inhaled, so it’s best to warn employees about them before the cleaning team arrives on site. Cleaners should also be equipped with all the necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) for the job to keep them safe. 

Depending on the nature of the cleaning tasks, some offices will need to be vacated for a couple of hours after the job. The cleaners will ventilate these spaces as necessary, but it’s sometimes ideal if office workers stay away from certain rooms for a while. One of the main goals should be to minimise disruptions and downtime, but some cleaning tasks make this unavoidable.


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