Signs that your company needs to improve its cyber security

Millions of companies worldwide are preparing for a cyber security upgrade in light of the increase in cyber attacks in recent years. These threats have the potential to destabilise large enterprises and organisations, which is why security experts must stay ahead of the curve with next-generation protection as cybercriminals challenge companies with a new era of threats. 

This involves having the ability to rapidly analyse large data volumes in order to remotely identify vulnerabilities in real-time. Any cyber security upgrade must be fully compatible with legacy systems and provide comprehensive endpoint and business network protection. What are the telltale signs that your company needs to update its cyber security?

Your cyber security should cover your entire attack surface

When your current security solution does not cover your entire attack surface, that is the first indication that your company needs to enhance its cyber security. As a result of endpoint growth and cloud migration, business networks now have larger attack surfaces.

Many permissions are enabled during cloud migration in order to speed up the transfer of data and apps to the cloud environment. To reduce the attack surface, your security software must be able to detect and monitor unused or redundant permissions.

All web-enabled devices, such as employee laptops, printers, sensors, and internet-enabled devices, need to be protected by endpoint security. This can aid in reducing the attack surface and preventing lateral movement of endpoint-targeting attacks. Third-party operating systems and apps should be safeguarded by advanced cyber security measures so that all attack surfaces are covered by the same level of security.

Using different cyber security vendors gives rise to security gaps

Security gaps may arise when different vendors are used to safeguard different components of the digital infrastructure. If one vendor, for instance, does not provide endpoint security, a company would need to hire a second vendor to protect their digital endpoints. 

Security systems often do not effectively communicate with one another due to poor vendor integration. Attackers can take advantage of such security vulnerabilities, particularly given that IT teams then frequently lack adequate visibility into what is happening throughout the entire business network. Performance issues and security weak spots can result from difficulty in monitoring various security solutions.

A unified platform with automated functionality is essential for enterprise-grade cyber security. Better cohesion, improved efficiency and security are all benefits of this all-encompassing approach. Unified cyber security also reduces expenses by providing a single solution.

The complexity of your cyber security management

Administrators having trouble navigating a complex environment is another indication that your company needs to enhance its cyber security. It can be challenging to figure out how to use and keep track of what’s happening when your security software isn’t intuitive. 

When it’s time for a cyber security upgrade, it’s imperative to go with a solution that can be managed from a single remote console. Look for software that is easy to use and provides clear insight. Security software should be quick to install, simple to use, and have very little impact on workflows.

SEACOM Business, for example, provides cloud-based security solutions that do not require a capital investment in expensive hardware. As business requirements evolve, cloud-based solutions are easily scalable. These cutting-edge cyber security solutions can be managed from any device, in any location. From a user-friendly security platform, administrators can easily modify permissions and access controls, as well as keep an eye on overall performance and the digital landscape.

Do you have sufficient protection against a sophisticated cyber attack?

The ability of intelligent security software to identify zero-day attacks using machine learning and artificial intelligence is one of its key advantages. This is accomplished by continuously monitoring behaviour and rapidly analysing company data.

Zero-day attacks are advanced, so it’s extremely challenging for traditional security software to defend against them. Advanced cyber security is able to detect irregularities or suspicious activity, automatically respond to potential threats, and alert relevant personnel in your company.

Sophisticated cyber threats, such as a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack, can appear to come from legitimate users with hackers exploiting security gaps to gain access to business networks. Using automated investigation and response, including threat hunting, threat analytics, and in-depth threat intelligence, DDoS protection will safeguard your company networks and mobile workforce.

Your cyber security system needs to be compatible with legacy systems

When determining whether your company needs a cyber security upgrade, it’s important to ensure that it protects both legacy systems and more modern architectures, such as the cloud. To be effective, security software must be compatible with a variety of architectures; otherwise, the system will be vulnerable to attack.

Failure of security systems can have a catastrophic impact on companies. If ignored, even minor problems can grow into far more serious system errors. Businesses should opt for a cyber security partner that provides round-the-clock technical support.

The major objectives of any cyber security solution should include preventing revenue loss, preserving the functionality of crucial systems, and safeguarding valuable business assets. It’s vital to avoid complacency and to keep an eye out for any signs that it might be time to upgrade your cyber security.


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Written by Taryn Hill

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