The benefits of hiring a virtual assistant

Modern life is busy and stressful. Work can easily become overwhelming when trying to meet client demands, sales targets and business expectations. This often leaves very little time to gather your thoughts and organise your life during work hours. Balancing a job with the home and family can be tricky – especially for single parents. 

Hiring full-time personal assistants is a costly exercise and places the responsibility of another human being on already-stressed people. This is where virtual assistants are ideal; talented professionals who work on a freelance basis to handle all the work that you don’t have time to do. A virtual assistant can help you run your business more efficiently from a remote location.

What can a virtual assistant do?

The skillset of any virtual assistant can vary, but like a personal assistant, you can choose what skills you require and hire accordingly. Most virtual assistants are very good with office administration and a range of other tasks, including digital management and marketing. They are an affordable alternative to an in-house personal assistant – just as efficient but less costly.

“We provide solutions that are tailor-made to you and your business. We offer the support you need in order for you to attend to vital matters that need your attention, whether you are just starting out, a budding entrepreneur or corporate business,” says Heidi Turner, the founder of Vector Virtual Assistance.

“From general administrative tasks to event planning, general office management or assisting with your marketing requirements, we are here to help you achieve your business or personal goals,” she explains. A virtual assistant does not only specialise in work tasks, but they can help with household planning and event organisation too.

The benefits of using a virtual assistant

There are many advantages to hiring a virtual assistant. The list is extremely long, so here a few of the most important benefits that you will find by making use of a service such as Vector Virtual Assistance:

  1. Increased productivity – An assistant will take care of small but necessary tasks on your behalf. These tasks often take time, leaving you with very little time to actually grow your business or look after your clients. A virtual assistant will allow you to increase your own productivity, as well as that of your company. Virtual assistants are self-employed and, therefore, very motivated and reliable.
  2. Reduced labour costs – As mentioned before, a virtual assistant is more affordable than hiring a full-time, in-house employee. Usually, hiring a personal assistant comes with salary expectations, taxes, leave days, medical benefits and compensation. However, a virtual assistant is an independent contractor who handles their own expenses, insurance and taxes. This leads to huge cost savings for the employer and reduced reliance on the company for salaries and benefits.
  3. Improved work quality – Not only will your productivity increase but so will the quality of the work being done. A virtual assistant will give you more time to focus on the important tasks while they handle the rest. Both the employer and the assistant will be able to complete tasks with higher quality and in less time.
  4. More flexibility – A virtual assistant does not necessarily work during normal business hours. They can work around your schedule and can be available when you need them. The best part about a virtual assistant is that they can be in another time zone and still get your tasks done. This means that your business can be far more flexible and that the output of work is maximised as it suits the hours of the assistant.
  5. Reduced risk – Growing a business means hiring more employees, which means more risk. However, with virtual assistants, there is no risk associated with the termination of a contract and the resulting payout of benefits. If you are dissatisfied with your virtual assistant, you can simply end the agreement and find a new one with no need for prior notice or retrenchment remuneration. 

“One of the signs of a great leader is knowing when to delegate,” explains Turner. A good employer will trust those around them to complete tasks to the best of their ability. A virtual assistant always takes pride in their job and delivers on the trust given to them by time-pressed individuals.

“Time is money and we can help you spend your time wisely by taking tasks off your hands. Leave it in the capable hands of experienced assistants. Having a virtual assistant offers you more flexibility, and you can save on office space and set up costs,” concludes Turner. A virtual assistant can enable you to spend more time on growing your business and focusing on the important tasks.


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Written by Joshua Oates

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