Tips to help you win at Wordle

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you have seen those little green and yellow squares on every social media platform out there. You may be wondering why everyone you know is suddenly sending random squares to each other every day. For those not in the know, the game is called Wordle.

Wordle is pretty straightforward; it’s all about guessing the five-letter word of the day but you only have six attempts to guess it correctly. A yellow block means you have guessed the correct letter of the word, but it’s in the wrong place and a green block means that you have guessed the correct letter in the correct place. A greyed-out square means that the letter isn’t in the word at all. 

From there, it’s all about trying to get those letters in the correct place and using your green letter to assist you in the word you pick on your next attempt. There is no exact science but there are some common-sense tips to help you beat the game every day. 

Your first word

The first word you choose to use is incredibly important to winning. Many people have found that vowel-heavy words make for some of the most effective first words. That first word should also never contain repeated letters as this will only serve as a waste – what you’re trying to do is find as many letters that exist in the word, as well as how many letters you can eliminate from future guesses. 

It’s helpful to know that the most commonly used letters in the English language are a, e, i, h, n, o, r, s, and t. Here is a list of five-letter words that will guarantee a lock on at least one of the letters and will serve you best when it comes to choosing your first word:

1. Arise
2. Paler
3. Abuse
4. Alone
5. Media
6. Juice
7. House 
8. Ocean
9. Movie
10. Sauce
16. Early
17. Steam

Helping you narrow it down

Once you’ve made your first guess and you have a lock on at least one or two letters, WordFinderX and Word Hippo really help you to narrow it down as you are able to input letters that you now know are included in the word and exclude letters that you have eliminated, based on your guess. If you have been particularly lucky to get a green letter on the first or last letter it also has a feature to allow you to fill that in to narrow the list of possible words down even further.

Once you’ve guessed the word of the day go, wild and share your blocks with all your friends on the social media platform of your choice. And remember, no spoilers! The Wordle word of the day is the same for everyone around the world, so try not to spoil everyone’s fun when you eventually guess it correctly.


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Written by Taryn Hill

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