Toyota plans to launch 30 new EVs by 2030

Toyota Motor Corporation has released its electric vehicle (EV) plan for the coming years, as part of its commitment to a more sustainable future. By 2030, the plan is to introduce 30 new electric vehicles, including pickup trucks, SUVs and sports cars.

A new era of cleaner mobility is already on the horizon. Energy security has sparked a movement for carbon neutrality. The vehicle industry has made significant progress in recent years to address the problems generated by carbon emissions and the usage of fossil fuels. The EV revolution began in reaction to these worldwide environmental challenges.

Toyota’s new electric vehicle range was introduced in Tokyo, Japan, in mid-December 2021 at a press conference. The car manufacturer unveiled its most cutting-edge collection of concept automobiles during the event. Toyota’s President, Akio Toyoda, presented the intentions for EV production while demonstrating the company’s latest innovations.

The main issue for EVs, according to Formex, a supplier of metal car parts to manufacturers in South Africa and abroad, is finding a balance between power and efficiency. Toyota’s future EV lineup appears to have found that sweet spot, with solid-state batteries leading to a powerful vehicle that can stay on the road for longer periods of time.

Toyota’s range of new electric vehicles  

“Our goal is not only to reduce CO2 emissions and other negative impacts to zero,” President Toyoda said during a media briefing in December. “Our goal goes beyond those.” The Toyota Beyond Zero line includes electric SUVs like the Toyota bZ4X. The company’s goal is to offer an electric alternative to their luxury, mid-range and economy models.

“We will not only add battery EV options to existing vehicle models but will also offer a full lineup of reasonably priced mass-production models, such as the bZ series, to meet the needs of all kinds of customers,” Toyoda says.

Toyoda is the great-grandson of the company’s founder, Kiichiro Toyoda, and has overseen the introduction of concept models for the company’s EV range. He described the company’s ambitions to develop its electric vehicle portfolio over the next 15 years, with a focus on midsize and compact SUVs. Electric versions of current models will be available at competitive prices.

Toyota’s begins production of EVs

The bZ4X SUV is expected to go into production in 2022, according to the car manufacturer. This will be Toyota’s first EV to enter production, with a price tag of roughly R870 000. Both front-wheel and all-wheel drive versions of the Toyota bZ4X will be available. 

The vehicle’s minimalist interior design and futuristic dashboard make it a stylish and comfortable SUV that’s perfect for city driving. The battery in this car is projected to last for 450 kilometers before needing to be recharged. Solar panels will be installed to allow for a driving distance of around 1600 kilometers per year. 

Driver assistance features such as pedestrian and cyclist detection, lane-keeping assistance and automated emergency brakes are also available as tech add-ons.

Toyota’s EV investment

Toyota plans to be carbon neutral by 2035. Its production aim of 3.5-million zero-emission automobiles by 2030 is one of the milestones of this goal. In order to achieve these objectives, the car manufacturer has boosted its investment in electric vehicles. A total of 2 trillion yen (R267 billion) will be invested over the next eight years to meet the production objective. 

EVs appear to be the car of the future, with low operating costs and minimal emissions. Solid-state batteries have improved performance by extending the driving range and reducing charging times. These batteries also have a financial benefit. Toyota estimates that battery costs per vehicle will drop by half while retaining quality.


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Written by Taryn Hill

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