Ways to avoid daytime sleepiness

We all experiences sleepy days but daytime fatigue can become a serious problem if it becomes excessive and it starts getting in the way. Here are a few ways to boost your energy and combat daytime sleepiness.

Make sure you are getting enough sleep at night

The first step to avoid daytime sleepiness is to ensure that you are getting enough sleep at night. It’s important to start correcting your sleep cycle. Make sure to start going to bed at a decent hour and cut out late nights.


People who live sedentary lifestyles tend to feel far more sleepy than those who don’t. Start exercising for at least 20 minutes every day to boost your energy. Energy creates energy. Being overweight can also contribute to fatigue, so it’s best to get in shape.

Take short power naps

A single power nap of up to 25 minutes will help you feel recharged and help you get through your day.

Get a break from screens

Staring at a screen all day can cause eyestrain and make you feel really tired. Get up, go for short walks and spend some time in the sunshine.

Eat healthily

Eating six small, healthy meals throughout the day will boost your energy and keep your blood sugar balanced. Make sure that you are getting the right amount of vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin B12 and iron.

Stay hydrated

Make sure that you’re drinking enough water throughout the day as dehydration can cause fatigue.

Reduce stress

Stress can be a major contributing factor in daytime fatigue. Manage your time effectively and create a healthy balance between work and play.

It might be necessary to make an appointment with your doctor if daytime sleepiness is seriously affecting your life as you may have an underlying sleeping disorder.


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Written by Taryn Hill

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