Ways to be a better person according to He-Man

For those who grew up in the 80’s cartoons were a whole different ball game. They nurtured the minds of their young viewers with morals and positive messages. He-Man and the Master of the Universe was a prime example of this. At the end of every episode was a moral segment called “In today’s story”. Kids and even adults could really learn a lot from these little tidbits. Here’s how to be a better person according to He-Man and his pals.

Episode 1

“In today’s story Zagraz had a problem. He lost his confidence in himself because he had once failed. Well now we all fail sometimes, but we should never be afraid to try again. And we should always keep believing in ourselves. As the old saying goes ‘if at first you don’t succeed, try try again.’ Until later, bye.”

Episode 6

“In today’s story, I went in search of my mother. I found her, but I also found something else; that the man who had cared for me since I was a baby, who loved me as he would his own daughter, was just as much my father as any parent could be. And so whether they are someone we were born to or whether they chose us to adopt, it doesn’t matter. The ones who protect us, and teach us, and love us; they are the ones we call mother and father. And they deserve the same kind of love from us. Until next time.”

Episode 8

“As we’ve just seen Skeletor went back into the past to make evil things happen. In reality no one can go back into the past, that’s only make-believe. But we can try to learn from the past, from things that have happened to us, and try to apply them toward being better people today. Remember, it’s today that counts. So make it the best day possible. Until next time this is He-Man wishing you good health and good luck.”

Episode 9

“In today’s story Skeletor tried to conquer Eternia by using animals in an evil way. Animals like all living things should be treated with kindness and respect. I hope that those of you who have a dog or cat or maybe even a hamster remember that. When we have a pet we also have a responsibility because they depend on us, but you can be sure of one thing. However much we love them, they return that love, and more. Well, time for me to disappear, bye.”

Episode 19

“In today’s story, He-Man came to the aid of a planet whose natural resources were being wasted. Unfortunately, this same waste is happening now, and not on a distant planet, but right here on Earth. We must respect the plants and animals before they disappear. As some species already have. There’s beauty all around us, protect it, before it’s too late.”

Episode 52

“Today Teela made a mistake. But instead of trying to correct it, she ran away. That was an even bigger mistake. Making mistakes is part of being human, but punishing yourself or quitting because of it, is no way to make things better. The right thing to do is accept your error and try not to make that same mistake again. That’s a lot smarter than running away. Until our next exciting adventure goodbye for now.”

Episode 73

“Today we learned about the importance of taking the responsibility to care about our fellow man. If you have a friend who needs help, who’s having a difficult time, do whatever you can to help them out. Because as you saw in today’s episode, no matter how big the problem, one person or one living creature can make a big difference. See you next time.”

Episode 108

“Today we learned that’s sometimes our responsibilities can seem too much to handle. When a job seems bigger than we are it’s easy to be discouraged, to give up, but sometimes if you try, really try, you can do it. When you come right down to it, there’s only one thing others can expect of us, and that we can expect of ourselves, to do our best. See you next time.”

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