Ways to be more romantic

Simple ways to express your love in new and exciting ways

If you’re looking for ways to be more romantic and reignite that spark in your relationship, look no further.

The idea that chivalry is dead and that romance is only for new relationships is completely untrue. Here are a few simple ways to express your love in new and exciting ways.

  • Leave him/her little love notes in unexpected places.
  • Surprise your partner with a full body massage and spice things up with essential oil, romantic music and candles. 
  • Make your partner a mix cd or Spotify playlist with all your mutual favourite songs or love songs that you dedicate to him/her. 
  • Get up a little earlier than your partner and make them breakfast in bed or a special lunch to take with them to work. 
  • Have flowers delivered to his/her workplace. 
  • Buy them a journal and list the reasons why you love them on the first page. 
  • Dedicate a special day that’s just for them to do anything they want and be treated like a King or Queen for the day. 
  • Get a t-shirt especially made that announces that your heart belongs to them. 
  • Take your partner on an impromptu hotel getaway close to home. Order room service and get spa treatments together. 
  • Have a candlelit bath and dinner ready for them when they walk through the door. 
  • Take a random day off work together and get your Netflix and Chill on! 
  • Send unexpected, loving texts and emails that let them know why you love them. 
  • Surprise your loved one by doing one of their chores for them, like picking up the laundry, doing the dishes or tidying up without them asking. 
  • Have a weekly date night to spend quality time together doing things that you enjoy. 
  • Give your partner random compliments. 
  • Spice things up in the bedroom by introducing novelty and breaking out of your routine. 
  • Get him/her to pick out sexy lingerie for you. 
  • Write “I love you” on the bathroom mirror with a piece of soap. 
  • Be affectionate when it’s just the two of you and there’s no one else around. Walk up behind them and give them a cuddle or hold hands while you’re watching tv. 
  • Meet up at a restaurant or bar and roleplay that you’re strangers meeting for the first time. 
  • Brag about your partner when socializing with friends.


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Written by Taryn Hill

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