Ways to clean your workspace before winter

Winter; the season for colds and flu. These mild illnesses can be spread through contact with infected surfaces, such as office desks and door handles. This is why a clean workspace is vital. A hygienic office is not only critical to maintaining your professional image, but it also helps to maintain the health of employees and customers. 

It’s important to get a headstart and clean your office before winter (and the associated illnesses) set in. From carpets and windows to flat surfaces and air conditioning, here are some tips for cleaning your workspace before winter starts.

Maintaining clean floors and carpets

Your floors and carpets are some of the most important things to keep clean before winter. Carpets must be vacuumed regularly as they can trap dust, dirt and bacteria – causing allergies and enabling the transfer of illnesses from the office to the home. In addition to hygienic carpets and tiled floors, regular sweeping and mopping will prevent slips and falls on dusty floors and also protect your employees from allergies. 

Cleaning office windows

You might not think of washing your windows in the winter, but rinsing accumulated filth on a regular basis will have numerous advantages. The most obvious one is that clean windows make a workplace look more appealing, which improves your professional image significantly. Clean windows allow natural sunlight to stream in, improving air quality and absorbing excess moisture on floors and carpets. Sunlight is also a great remedy for seasonal illnesses.

Disinfecting the workspace

Ways to clean your workspace before winter

Use non-toxic cleaning solutions and disinfectants to prevent germs and bacteria from spreading in the office during the winter months. Cleaning door handles, tables, chairs, workstations and other shared locations on a daily basis will help keep your staff safe, healthy and happy. Placing sanitising stations around the office, especially in communal areas, can help to minimise the spread of germs amongst employees. 

Improving air quality 

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People are less likely to open windows when the weather is cold. The air inside a workplace might get stuffy and stagnant during winter days. Uncirculated air is not only bad for concentration and productivity, but it can also cause allergens and toxins to accumulate. Even when the windows are closed, investing in office plants or air purifiers is a wonderful approach to battle bad air quality.

The winter months provide unique challenges for keeping your office clean, fresh and inviting. Cleaning windows, purifying the air, dusting once a week and encouraging employees to sanitise on a regular basis are all crucial steps to take. This will boost the workplace image while also protecting your employees’ health. Alternatively, you can hire a professional cleaning company to do the job for you.


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Written by Kate Hawthorne

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