Ways to cure a hangover

There’s nothing quite like waking up nauseous with a splitting headache, aching body and dry mouth to make you swear for the umpteenth time that you’ll never touch a drop of alcohol in your life again! But as we all know ’tis the festive season and that means we’re more than likely to be back at it in no time. Here are a few remedies to cure and treat the symptoms of the dreaded hangover.

Step one is to go easy on yourself. You’re not going to be winning any medals or doing much of anything for that matter. Consider getting out of bed an achievement.

Once you’ve scraped your aching body from the mattress grab the water and paracetamol. You’ll want to drink plenty of water throughout the day to replenish your fluids and stay hydrated. It’s also recommended that once you’ve taken a shower and appear more human and less zombie that you should go out and grab a few sports drinks to replenish your electrolytes.

No matter how nauseous you may feel, you will feel a lot better after eating a proper English breakfast. The more protein and grease, the better as it will take longer for the alcohol to absorb. Eating a hearty breakfast will also help balance and maintain your sugar levels which will help you feel less nausea, fatigue and weakness.

It’s best to avoid the age-old “hair of the dog” morning-after-drink. It will only prolong the inevitable, increase your dehydration, and likely make your headache worse.

The only real cure is prevention. Know your limit and learn to drink wisely. Limit your drinks to one every hour and drink a glass of water after each drink. It’s also a good idea to drink a couple of glasses of water right before bed.


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Written by Taryn Hill


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