Ways to decorate for Halloween

Decorating your home for Halloween doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg to look fantastically creeptacular. Get ready to spook up your home with these simple and fun DIY Halloween decorating ideas.

What you’ll need:

  • Pumpkins of all shapes and sizes
  • Black and orange balloons, candles, wool, tulle and ribbons
  • Black spray paint
  • Googly eyes
  • Black permanent marker
  • Styrofoam balls
  • Scraps of white material
  • String
  • Bandages
  • Plastic spiders

A Halloween decorating necessity is, of course, pumpkins! The more the better. Carving jack o’ lanterns is a classic Halloween pastime. Make sure to get friends and family to join in on the fun and see who can make the creepiest one. Once you’ve carved your pumpkins, a simple solution to add more to your decorating is to draw scary faces on your pumpkins using a thick black permanent marker.

Another simple Halloween decorating hack is to purchase inexpensive fake plants and spray-paint them black. To make sure that your entire house and front porch gets a spooky makeover you can hang black and orange balloons, set out black and orange candles, cover furniture in black tulle and ribbons and stick googly eyes on anything and everything. You can also take an old Christmas wreath and cover it with bandages to give it a mummified look. Finish it off by adding googly eyes to it as well. You can also cover throw pillows with your bandages.

You can create your own spiderwebs out of black and orange wool and add a few plastic spiders to complete the look. These will look great on trees and walls, both inside and outside.

To make your own ghosts, wrap and glue scraps of white material over Styrofoam balls, you can add googly eyes to them and hang them up everywhere using string.

Take a look at these Instagram posts for more exciting Halloween decorating ideas:

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The shops seem to be packed full of Hallowe’en decorations and costumes. It’s all a much bigger deal than when I was little… we used to carve a turnip (that took a LONG time, I can tell you!) and make a witch’s dress out of a bin bag. But making the outfits and decorations was a big part of the fun. . These are some of the decorations we made for our Hallowe’en party this weekend. All homemade from things we already had in the house. No money spent, no plastic packaging and super quick. I had hoped my girls would want to help make the tin can pumpkins but they were too busy playing. I enjoyed myself though! Maybe next year… . #halloween #halloweendecorations #diyhalloweendecorations #diyhalloween #slowliving #lowwaste #lowwasteliving #zerowaste #zerowasteuk #goinggreen #ecofriendly #plasticfree #plasticfreebristol #bristol #noexcuseforsingleuse #saynotoplastic #climatechange

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October Birthday? Make these frightfully festive candle holders in just 2 minutes!?? . Use a black Sharpie marker to transform clementines into jack-o-lanterns. . Add the stems by firmly inserting green birthday candles directly into tops of each “pumpkin” and place on top of your cake for a special spooky touch! ? ? ? ? #octoberbaby #octoberbirthday #halloweenbirthday #halloweenparty #halloweencandles #diyhalloweendecorations #clementines #jackolanterns #lettherebelight #candles #diycandles #liveahappylife #gratefulheart #everydayisablessing #myhappyplace #newyorkmom #blogger #sahm #momideas #fulltimemommy #momlife #teacherturnedmom #diy #artsy #creativemom #creativesoul #dowhatmakesyouhappy #cookingcleaningcrafting @adamsfairacrefarms @sharpie @officialcakemate

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Wooo make your own ghooost! ? Making some things from my friends eBook that is about to be released. It’s designed all around large families and budgeting. These are made with – baby wipes – Clag paste – a toilet roll – a balloon – a LED tealight candle. ? all you need to do is soak your baby wipes in glue (I needed two wipes to cover completely). Cut your toilet roll in half so you have two small rolls. Blow your balloon up just a little so you have a little head that your baby wipes will fit over the top of. Tape the balloon so it sits inside your toilet roll stand. Cover the balloon with the wipes. You can shape your ghosts a bit however you like them. You can print a face and cut it out like I did and stick it on while it’s still wet or you could draw one on with a black texta when it has dried. They take at least 24 hours to dry completely and set hard enough so that when you remove the balloon they hold their shape. Once it is dry you can go ahead and pop the balloon. Throw the balloon away right away so it doesn’t end up in landfill and waterways as a choking hazard. ??? Now you just turn on your LED tealight and sit it under your ghost and there you have it a fun, safe project for your kids this Halloween! ? If you would like to have your kids creations featured on my Instagram, make some ghosts, upload cool photos to your Facebook or Instagram account and tag me @biancapacitto?? #spookyseason #happyhalloween #diycrafts #kidstuff #ghosts #halloweendecor #diyhalloweendecorations #kidfriendly #diyonabudget

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