Ways to fix big holes in drywall

Drywall, or plasterboard, can be damaged and cracked by accidental bumps with furniture or falling household objects, especially if you have kids and pets! Drywall must be repaired as soon as any damage is noticed. Thankfully, these repairs can be done easily and inexpensively with a little bit of DIY knowledge. Here are seven steps to fix big holes in your drywall. 

Ways to fix big holes in drywall

Steps to fix a large hole in drywall

Step 1 

To fix a large hole, start by drawing a square around the hole using a spirit level. The centre of the vertical line should be on the centre of the wall stud.

Step 2 

Cut out three sides of the square hole using a saw. Remove the debris so it doesn’t end up in the wall behind the plasterboard panel. Remove the last side of the square outline using a utility knife to cut down to the centre of the wall stud. 

Step 3

Cut a thin piece of pine board so that it is taller than the square hole in the wall. Apply some adhesive to the edges of the board and place the board inside the hole, facing the glued surface to the back of the drywall. Make sure that the board extends into the back of the drywall by at least 40mm. Secure the board to the drywall panel with two clamps. 

Step 4 

When the adhesive is dried, cut a square of plasterboard to fit in the hole. Apply some more adhesive to the exposed area of the pine board and press the plasterboard patch into place. Secure to the stud and the backing board with 30mm screws. 

Step 5 

Clean the wall with a dampened sponge to remove any dust. Then, apply adhesive-backed fibreglass mesh tape over the four sides of the patch. Make sure the tape overlaps the corners to ensure strength and centre each section of tape directly over a seam. Firmly press down to make sure it sticks. 

Step 6 

Apply the initial coat of jointing compound over the tape with a trowel. Allow the compound to dry for at least 24 hours. Smooth the dried compound with a sanding screen-equipped hand-sanding pad.

Step 7 

Apply multiple skim coats of joint compound over the patch with a trowel, each somewhat larger than the one before. Using 220-grit sandpaper, smooth out the final coat. Finish with a primer coat, followed by two topcoats of paint. Keep in mind that in some circumstances, painting the entire wall may be required to ensure the patch is undetected.

Here are some simple techniques to quickly repair large holes in your drywall. If you believe you require additional support for the job, then contact a professional plasterboard manufacturer or your local building contractor.


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