Ways to have fun on a roadtrip

No matter how long your next roadtrip is, you will never be bored again with these fun, family friendly activities.

Pack the best snack packs

Make up separated snack packs that include sandwiches, fruit, crisps and water and your passengers’ favourite treats.

Make interesting stops

Do some research on your route and find out about interesting spots where you can stop and view roadside attractions or grab a bite to eat. You can also document your trip on Instagram, Facebook or your very own travel blog by taking photographs along the way and making short videos that you can edit together.

Depending on the length of your drive you can even pick up little souvenirs along the way. You could even make a little scrapbook along the way.

Make a playlist

Make a playlist on your iPod or burnt to CDs of all the best roadtrip songs to sing along to. Make sure that your playlist has a little bit of everything for all tastes and will last you the whole trip.

You can also download and listen to the latest episodes of your favourite podcasts or take along an audiobook or two.

Technology is your friend

Passengers can pass the time watching movies or playing video games on portable devices.

Play classic card ride games:

Add up the numbers on the number plates

This is a great math game to play with kids. One person picks out a car and everyone must try to add up the numbers on its number plate. The first person to get it right gets a point.

I Spy

This age-old classic is always a winner. Someone has to say “I spy with my little eye something beginning with the letter…” and the others have to guess what it is.

ABC Game

Players search number plates, types of cars and signs along the road for words that begin with each letter of the alphabet in order.

Hum a song

Take turns humming a song and let the others guess the title of the song.

Animal Game

Someone names an animal, like cat. The next person must name an animal that begins with the last letter of the previous animal (“t”), such as tiger.

20 Questions

Someone thinks of an animal, food, or person. The other players then take turns asking 20 questions to try to guess what or who it is. After 20 questions have been asked, the questioners have one last chance to guess.

Combined Storytelling

Hilarity often ensues with this super fun game. A person starts off the story with a sentence and then the other player continues the story with a sentence of their own.


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Written by Taryn Hill

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