Ways to impress her dad

When the time comes to meet your girlfriend’s family, it can be a nerve-racking experience. After all, her dad is probably the number guy in her life and, by far, the most protective over her. You need to be on your best behaviour to impress her dad.

Convincing him that you’re worthy of his daughter during your first meeting will be a challenge, but one you can ace with a few tips. Here are a few ways to impress her dad and stay on his good side.

Get to know him

The whole point of meeting the in-laws is so that you can all get to know each other. If you’re lucky, your girlfriend’s dad will be relaxed and laid back. If he’s a bit standoffish and keeps giving you the eye, don’t retreat and stay quiet – that won’t make you look any better in his eye.

Having the ability to hold a conversation and chat with your father-in-law is something that they will appreciate. It shows that you’re outgoing and always willing to listen. Even if your first meeting is quite awkward, engage in the conversations and break the ice.

You don’t have to bring up heavy topics such as politics or religion, but you do need to take the initiative and strike up some conversation which will allow you to get to know her dad better (and vice versa).

If he’s a sports fan, watch a bit of the game with him. Ask him about his thoughts on the team and the coach. Show some interest, even if you’re not a fan yourself. It also won’t hurt to brush up on some knowledge before you visit again so that you can continue the conversation and develop the bond further.

Don’t forget about the rest of her family

If you really want to impress her dad, show interest in his entire family. Make an effort to help your girlfriend’s mum in the kitchen, throw a ball with her younger brother, chat to her sister too. Your girlfriend and her dad will like it if you get along with all her other family members – even the pets.

A father wants to see you respecting and engaging with his family. From playing with a younger sibling to holding a proper conversation with her parents, you’ll show that you’re mature and willing to be a part of the family too.

Treat your girlfriend like your equal

This may be a redundant tip in most cases, but some guys still want to be in charge of the relationship and hold the power. This is not what her dad will want to see. His daughter should be your partner in life.

In most relationships, couples complement each other; they bring balance to one another’s lives. Her dad will appreciate you sharing responsibilities with his daughter and supporting her along the way.

Be a regular and do your best to fit in

From the get-go, make an effort to fit into the family. Going on holidays with the in-laws, for example, can show how effortlessly you can integrate into her family and participate as if you’ve been a member for years.

If there’s any tension or uncertainties, her dad will have his doubts about you and your ability to look after his daughter. Some families have weekly lunches together. If your girlfriend’s family meets every Sunday afternoon, join in and help out where you can.

Help prepare meals, set the table, clean up afterward and chat with every member of her family. Make it as though you’ve been a part of the clan for a while. Don’t forget to bring a nice bottle of wine or whiskey to share, and top up the beer fridge once in a while. Her dad will appreciate the gesture.


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