Ways to keep your cat happy and healthy

The kitties in our lives are an endless source of happiness and comfort. Here are a few tips to keep them as healthy and happy as possible.


A healthy diet is essential to keep your furry buddy happy. Stay away from cheap brands that don’t have the nutrients your cat needs to stay healthy. Keep an eye on what type of food your cat enjoys and stick with it. Switching your cat’s food out too often can cause digestion issues. If your cat has has a problem with hairballs be sure to buy them food for sensitive stomachs/hairball control.

It is also important to fill your cat’s bowl so that they know they can go back to get food at any time. If you portion out your cat’s food and feed them on your watch they will overeat and become desperate for food when it isn’t there. Let them set their own schedule.

This probably goes without saying but don’t give your cats food from your plate. If you do want to treat your cat make sure to buy them their own special treats or boil/microwave a few strips of chicken breast that you can cut up and put out specifically for them.

Skin and general health

Keep an eye on your cat for signs for any signs of ill-health. If your cat is sneezing you don’t necessarily have to rush them to the vet straight away. Cats do get hayfever that goes away on its own but keep an eye on whether it lasts for longer than a week, if it isn’t clearing up it’s best to get them checked out by a vet.

It’s important to buy flea treatment on a monthly or bi-monthly basis depending on the season. You will also want to always keep an eye out for whether they need a deworming treatment.

Check your cat’s skin regularly for any sores and abscesses. If your cat does get into a tussle and a scratch develops into an abscess you should take your cat to the vet immediately and get it cleaned out

Make sure to get your cat spayed/neutered when they’re of age.

Nurture your kitty

Learn how to properly scritch and cuddle your kitties. They love being talked to and loved on. Stroke your cat from forehead to tail (never the other way around) and scritch them behind the ears. Don’t pick them up if they don’t like it or get angry when they knead you. Toughen up and be a good kitty mama to your hairy baby.

It’s important to brush your kitties regularly, especially in the warmer months when they begin to shed.

Important cat owner no-no’s

These tips really should go without saying in this day and age but there are still so many cats with owners who don’t know the basics of good cat ownership.

1) DO NOT declaw your cat. It’s a cruel and barbaric practice.

2) DO NOT wash your cats.

3) DO NOT keep your cat permanently indoors. Let them come and go as they please.

4) DO NOT give your cats tuna out of a can or let them drink milk. These ideas come from movies and cartoons and will just end up giving your cat an upset stomach.

5) DO NOT punish them if they kill a bird or mouse. Your precious floof is a predator at the end of the day and it’s hardwired in them to follow their instincts.  

Have fun

Stimulate your cats, especially when they’re young by buying them toys, catnip and scratching posts. If you really want to blow their minds let them play around in an empty box.


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Written by Taryn Hill

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