Ways to maintain long distance relationships

Keep your long distance relationships alive and healthy

Long distance relationships can often be more meaningful and intense than any other. They take so much more time and nurturing on both sides for them to work and can often be painful when the distance gets too hard to bear. Whether it’s with a best friend or lover, long distance relationships can be hard to sustain and maintain on a practical and emotional level. Follow these tips to keep your long distance relationships alive and healthy.

Maintain balance

This can be easier said than done, especially in the beginning. After the initial few weeks it’s important to maintain a healthy balance and take care of yourself and what’s going on around you. Don’t be constantly glued to your phone or laptop waiting for your special person to call or text.

Don’t spam one another and spend your life talking online. Take healthy breaks during the day to keep things natural and to avoid burning out.

It’s healthy to spend some time on your own in order to come back to yourself.


If something is really bothering you bring it up. Don’t let things fester by dropping hints and avoiding the issue. Make sure that you’re always on the same page. It’s vital to stay honest. Little lies will catch up with you eventually.

It’s important to schedule video or voice calls regularly. So much gets lost in written communication.

Chill out!

Don’t tie yourself up in knots when you have an off day. Off days are completely normal and you will come back to yourselves and one another, and find your connection again. Stop fretting and assuming that every bump in the road is the end.

Give each other room to breathe

Accept that you both have separate lives right now. Do away with the jealousy and possessiveness and allow your friend/lover to enjoy their life. Know one another’s schedules and work around them so that you’re not bothering one another when either of you are busy.

It’s not all about you

When you do talk, ask them how they are doing. Be genuinely interested in their life, what they’ve been up to and how they’re feeling. Again, maintain balance. There should be a healthy back-and-forth between the two of you. One person should not be getting all the  attention and focus.

Keep things light and positive

Be real. Discuss things that are bothering you. But don’t spend all of your life lamenting your time apart. Be grateful that you have one another and focus on the good things.

Have clear boundaries

Discuss your boundaries with one another and maintain and respect them. These can evolve over time. Just make sure to keep the lines of communication open.

Put in effort

Do special things every now and then for your friend/partner. Surprise them and keep things creative and fun. Binge watch shows and play games online together.

Good morning and goodnight

Wish your friend/partner good morning and goodnight every day but don’t spaz out if they fall asleep on you or sleep in. Go with the flow and love them unconditionally.

Meeting up

Have regular trips planned to meet up in real life and spend quality time together. Knowing that you have these times to look forward to will make the distance easier to handle.


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Written by Taryn Hill

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