Ways to manage lead times in the packaging industry

Supply chain logistics is a complicated process. Every stage of the process must be efficient and well-managed because even a small delay can result in a larger backlog later on. Unfortunately, the packaging industry is one where supply chain inefficiencies can cause lead times to be completely thrown out.

These issues can be extremely frustrating for the customer and costly for the reputation of a company in a world where people are less patient and consumers are used to receiving their products in an exceptionally short amount of time. If packaging companies are to minimise lead times and provide great customer service, they must carefully plan and manage their inventories.

Local suppliers reduce lead times

Bulk bags and packaging products are frequently purchased by businesses from international suppliers. Due to the fact that these goods must travel tens of thousands of kilometres, pass through numerous shipping hubs, and require the handling of thousands of individuals along the way, this significantly increases the likelihood of a supply chain backlog. 

Businesses may have to wait weeks longer than they anticipated if any of these processes is delayed. Finding a trustworthy and efficient local bulk bag supplier, however, will greatly minimise lead times and lessen the likelihood of delays. Businesses in Africa that use bulk bags, like mines, farms, chemical manufacturers, and sugar mills, need to consider partnering with a South African manufacturer and supplier.

Natural disasters will severely impact lead times

While many companies have gotten by with their international suppliers through proper planning, there are easier ways to reduce lead times. No matter how much planning you do to reduce delays and potential issues in the supply chain, an unforeseen event, like the Covid-19 pandemic, is always a possibility and could completely derail your planning.

The impact of another pandemic or natural disaster will be lessened even further by having a local bulk bag and packaging supplier. When your packaging products are transported from within the country or a neighbouring region, disruptions are kept to a minimum. The international shipping industry is still trying to recover from the backlog caused by the pandemic.

Keep the lines of communication open

Lack of information is one of the most frustrating aspects of delayed deliveries. In order to remain updated about the status of your orders, it’s critical to keep the lines of communication open with your packaging supplier. 

Establish a strong rapport with your supplier so that they deliver better customer service and communications. In order for your supplier to have enough time to prepare your orders and have them delivered to you on time, let them know ahead of time if your stock is running low.

Custom Bulk Bags keeps a large amount of stock on hand due to their capacity to manufacture more than 3.5 million bulk bags annually. When an order is received, these products can be packaged and dispatched to clients. Switch to a reliable and efficient South African supplier if your supply chain is currently experiencing issues and requires excessive lead times.


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Written by Taryn Hill

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