Ways to minimise ping when gaming online

When playing online games, knowing how to reduce ping might provide you with a competitive edge in e-sports. Players who experience high ping may find themselves at a significant disadvantage, losing a game or getting kicked from the game as a result of connection issues.

Millions of people worldwide enjoy playing multiplayer online games. Fibre internet is essential for a high-quality gaming experience as it provides a stable, high-speed connection. WonderNet’s fibre connections have low ping rates, making them ideal for e-sports enthusiasts and casual online gamers.

Ping for online gaming

The amount of time it takes for data to travel from one point to another and back again is known as latency. The game will respond to your commands more quickly when the latency is lower. Ping is the unit that is used to measure latency. It is a diagnostic tool that measures how quickly data can move between two points. A low ping means better performance.

Players input commands while playing online and the game’s server responds. For example, when playing a first-person shooting game, like Apex Legends, the players navigate a virtual world using their keyboard and mouse. 

Ideally, the player’s character will react right away to the input made with their keyboard or mouse if they have an internet connection with low ping. The player will have a slow response time with a high ping. This can be extremely frustrating and have a negative effect on gaming.

How to reduce ping when playing games online

For online gaming, shutting down background apps will help to reduce ping. Your internet speed may be slowed down if too many programmes and applications are open at once. In addition, malware and viruses can increase ping. In order to ensure that your device has not been infected, it is also a good idea to perform an extensive antivirus and anti-malware check. 

Selecting the game’s server that is closest to where you are playing is another approach to reduce ping for online gaming. There are a few additional methods gamers can try to reduce ping if this is not an option:

  • Adjust the frame rate. This is the speed and quality of the videos that are shown. A lower frame rate uses less bandwidth, so ping will be reduced.
  • Use an ethernet cable to connect your device to the router. Compared to a WiFi connection, a wired connection is stronger and more stable.
  • If your internet speed and ping don’t improve, try moving your router to a different place in your home.
  • Get a WiFi extender to boost the signal in the room where you play games.
  • Get a gaming router. Multiplayer online games are prioritised by these routers over other internet activities such as streaming videos.

How to check ping

There are several free internet speed tests available that test ping. Choose one that is located in the same city as you, or offered by your fibre internet provider, for accurate results. See whether there are any fluctuations in your internet speed during peak hours by testing it at various times of the day. If there are, consider switching your internet service provider as it may mean you are on a shared line. 

Why low ping is necessary for online games

Multiplayer survival games are the most popular online games. Ping can have a significant impact on your gameplay. Up to 100 people may compete against one another in these battle royale games. A strong internet connection with low ping is a must-have for success in these multiplayer, last-man-standing battles.

Players should aim for a ping rate between 40 and 60 ms for online games – under 20 ms is ideal. Players encounter lag, screen freezing, and frustrating delays in gameplay when the frame rate exceeds 150 ms.


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