Ways to organize and catalogue your Magic the Gathering cards

Magic the Gathering players are always looking for ways to organize, store and catalogue their Magic cards. Here are a few tried and tested ways to help keep you on top of everything when your collection starts getting a little out of control.

Storage options

Your most basic option for storage is to use the card storage boxes. They come in a number of different varieties but it is recommended to go with a 4- or 5-row box so that you can keep the number of boxes to a minimum and store more cards.

If you’re wanting to go a little more fancy there are a multitude of storage box options from companies such as Ultra Pro and Ultimate Guard. The Professor at the Tolarian Community College gives great advice about which deck boxes are best in this handy playlist:

When it comes to rares, mythics and cards that you have available for trade you’ll want to get hold of a good binder. There are a wide variety of choices. Take a look at a few options here:

Rares should be organized by colour and set. However, if your rare collection is relatively small you can also choose to have a Legacy and Standard binder or split up binder sleeves in a single binder accordingly. Remember to always double sleeve any valuable cards.

How to organize

Sorting and organizing your cards really comes down to personal preference. Ideally, you will want to separate your cards by set, colour, rarity and card type. If you choose to go with single row cardboard storage boxes you can use a single box per set and mark your box with that set’s symbol or name. Using dividers in your boxes will assist you in keep everything separated and easily searchable. While it isn’t necessary to alphabetize your cards you should keep all your duplicates together.

Online cataloguing

One of the best, most widely used and user-friendly sites for you to catalogue and manage your collection is The website makes it easy for you to make an inventory of all the cards you own, upload your decklists, make a wishlist and even trade with other players both locally and internationally.

For more online tools, watch the Prof’s video here:


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Written by Taryn Hill

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