Ways to prepare your garden for spring

In South Africa, spring is a truly stunning season and it’s just around the corner! Gardens begin to burgeon with life as the Namaqualand daisies burst into full bloom. It’s time to start preparing your plants for the upcoming rejuvenation and warmer weather. IWESCO offers nationwide garden maintenance services if you’re not a keen gardener.

Your outdoor space will be whipped into shape by their team of expert gardeners and green-fingered gurus, giving it the best chance to thrive during the springtime. This includes maintaining the lawn, prepping the soil and trimming back bushes. These services can be scheduled regularly or just once off to get your garden ready for spring.

Things to think about before getting started

There are a few things to consider before beginning because every garden is unique. Assess your climate: Are you in a dry, hot climate or a cold, rainy one? Planting the ideal shrubs and flowers for your climate is essential because every plant has a preferred climate where it thrives.

Although South Africa’s springs typically don’t bring much rain, by the time the plants reach maturity in the summer, the rains may have an impact on their health. Make sure to select plants that can grow in the local climate’s natural rainfall. This will simplify long-term garden maintenance and help you use less water overall.

Finally, think about your soil type. There are gardens with sand, and there are gardens with rich red mud. Choose plants that thrive in your soil conditions for a healthy spring garden because this obviously has a significant impact on the growth of the plants.

Preparing the soil for spring

Your spring garden will struggle if your soil is not properly prepared and does not have adequate nutrients. The best way to enrich your soil with natural nutrients is to use compost. Fertilizer also works, but it’s more expensive and might be dangerous if used improperly.

Earthworms, insects and organic nutrients must all be present in fertile soil. You should ensure that you have a steady supply of nutrient-rich material to spread around your flower beds and mix into the holes that you dig for new plants by starting a compost with vegetable scraps, leaves and grass clippings. Mulch is another excellent way to preserve soil moisture and make it a haven for healthy microorganisms and worms.

Getting your plants ready

The first step is to cut back your bushes and shrubs. To ensure that the new spring shoots grow properly, the old summer growth needs to be clipped. Your plants will grow during spring and summer if you first complete this easy task. It will also allow you to shape some of the shrubs in whatever way you prefer.

When you first plant new flowers, be sure to water them regularly. If you live in a wet climate, you may need to water them less frequently after they begin to grow properly. Watering your plants heavily and less frequently will encourage their roots to grow deeper, which will stand them in good stead for summer and the next winter.

Lawn maintenance

Grass typically grows slowly and occasionally even becomes dormant during the winter. However, when spring arrives, you’ll see those lush, bright-green shoots begin to emerge. Make sure to rake up the fallen leaves and get rid of the winter detritus. The lawn will be able to breathe and soak up some water thanks to the increased light that will be able to reach it.

If there are any dead spots, reseed them, but make sure to select a grass variety that does well in that environment.  Use a garden fork to loosen up the soil and then allow the seed to fall into all the cracks and holes. Until the seeds begin to germinate, make sure to water this patch well.

These tips will help your garden to reach its full potential after the spring season. Be sure to contact a garden maintenance expert if you don’t have the time, patience or knowledge to care for your plants and prepare your garden for the warm seasons.


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Written by Taryn Hill

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