Ways to reduce your household waste

Reduce your impact on the environment by reducing, reusing and recycling your household waste.

Declutter and donate

Your first step in reducing household waste is to go through your home and collect every single item you either don’t need or no longer use. Donate all old clothing, bedding, toys to your local charity shop and recycle any recyclables. A decluttered home is healthier for you on an emotional and mental level.


Keep a strict eye on everything you bring into your home and ask yourself if it’s really necessary. Don’t accumulate unnecessary junk that you will only need to throw out later.

When grocery shopping, use reusable canvas bags and cut out plastic completely. Also be aware of the packaging of each item you buy and take into account whether the packaging is biodegradable, recyclable or reusable. Try to avoid disposable items, single-use items wherever possible.

Buy the biggest packages of food available so that you’re not having to throw away as much packaging and make use of eco-friendly storage containers to keep your food fresh.

When it comes to clothing, shoes, toys, appliances, and pots and pans buy quality items that will last longer so that you don’t need to replace items as quickly.


Be sure to recycle any cans, glass, paper and plastics. Think first whether any items going into the recycle bin can be creatively reused or upcycled.


Consider whether an item is repairable before simply throwing it out. This goes for all your household appliances and electronics.

Eliminate food waste

When cooking, try to use as much of a product as possible. Create delicious stews using leftovers and start a compost bin where you can throw away any vegetable or fruit peels, plant prunings, grass cuttings, cardboard egg boxes, fallen leaves, egg shells and tea bags.


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Written by Taryn Hill

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