Ways to reduce your pet’s carbon pawprint

When considering ways to be more eco-friendly and reduce the impact we have on the environment, it’s important to take our furry friends into account too. Here are a few easy ways to reduce your pet’s carbon footprint.

Pet accessories

When it comes to your pets’ bowls, litter boxes, scoopers, toys and other accessories it’s important to ask yourself whether what you buy is really necessary. This is especially important when it comes to toys. Wherever possible, purchase items that are natural or organically produced. You can also get crafty and creative when it comes to toys by using cardboard boxes paper towel and toilet paper rolls. Be sure to donate any gently used toys, bowls, blankets and other items that your pet no longer needs or uses to your local animal shelter.

Pet food

When buying pet food, ensure that you’re giving your pet a healthy a balanced diet and make sure not to overfeed them. Avoid beef and opt for proteins that are less environmentally impactful such as fish and poultry. Consider buying organic food that uses biodegradable packaging. You should also buy pet food in bulk and in the biggest size available to avoid having to throw away multiple smaller bags. Wherever possible always seek out cruelty-free products.

Pet waste

Reduce your usage of cat litter as much as possible. A responsible cat owner is one that allows their cat to roam outdoors. If you have to use a litter box always reuse as much cat litter as possible and use litter that is more eco-friendly. When picking up after your dog, ensure that you use biodegradable or post-consumer recycled waste bags.

Prevent overpopulation

Adopt don’t shop. Buying pets from a pet shop or breeder only encourages more breeding. You should also spay and neuter your cats and dogs to reduce the overpopulation of homeless animals in shelters.


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Written by Taryn Hill

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